Note:<888>04/21/00 Friday 3:00 A.M. EDT: Well a quick analysis of the past days events. I first went out at 1:30 P.M.. I drove down by the waterfront and I chatted with a visiting expert from the far east that has moved into the area. I indicated we know something is going to happen soon, and he said probably in the first week of May. I told him I thought a volcanology event would happen today, Good Friday. I made my usual 3 P.M. appointment. I stopped by downtown Greenwich Avenue and said hello to some friends. I drove down by the waterfront. I drove over to Old Greenwich and stopped at CVS, plus a can of Bumble Bee Pink Salmon for $1.28 I bought two cartons of five buy three get two free of Marlboro lights 100s for $10.69 each for $22.66 total plus $1.39 and .01 tax $1.40 total. I then proceded to Tod's Point, and it was a quiet day not many people out there. There was lady out there with a riding crop urging people to slow down. As usual I don't interfer with the owner. While observing at Tod's Point, I walked out and I had a ten inch by three inch piece of bark fall off a tree limb about ten feet in front of me and twelve feet above me. I sat out at the picnic bench and I view the harbor and the overcast horizon. I noticed one Duck, one Comorant, and two Sea Gulls. I walked back after a while because it was slow. I stopped to clean up some trash around the trash can where the bark fell, and I noticed a 1.25 inch by 1.25 inch square target marker on the same tree base hung on a galvanized flat head nail sticking out of the tree about three inches and bent about 70 degrees. I pulled the day glow orange marker off, and I continued to clean up around the tree. I then walked over to another bird watcher, and I advised him that there was a target marker on the tree, and I took it off. I then cleaned up some lose items around other garbage cans. I then went over to the car and depart. I told the gate security officer that some left a target marker on the tree. I then went to Staples, and it finally occurred to my conscious once I was in a secure area that someone had fired a shot at me from either Belle Haven, or one of the Bell Towers or high office buildings in the town. I told a few Staples staff, and I then took a short exercise walk. I then went to the Riverside Post Office, and I told the desk clerk through the closed window that I had been shot at. I then went the Food Emporium and told them. I next stopped by CVS and I told them. I stopped by the Chinese restaurant and told them. I then walked over to McDonald's and told them. I then walked over to the Liquor store and told them. I also chatted with Starbucks. I then walked around the back side of the Plaza and told a man picking through the dumpsters. I then sat in front of the post office, and I chatted with another fellow. I then headed over a round about way by a Bicycle shop, and I told them. I drove over to Bruce Park and I told a number of friends and told them. I studied the wild life in the pond. I use the ship to shore radio to advise the Coast Guard and anyone listening to ship to shore and left the radio on. I drove down Steamboat, and I noticed a pair walking, and I did not tell them because I did not want to scare them. I then advised the desk clerk at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club and a guest arriving. I then parked on the bottom of Steamboat Road, and I had to advise the same walking couple to depart. I also escort a Yacht Club associate safely to her car. I surveyed the waterfront from Grass Island and no one was there. I advise some locals what had happened and the had cell phones. I drove over to Exxon and I put in $17 of premium and advised them. While driving over there, I noticed a possible suspect whom I did not bother. I then advised the Greenwich Library staff what had happened. I returned directly home, and I advised some neighbors. I telephoned a few people. I have a friend with a sick mother whom needs emergency medical treatment for a brain hemorage at Palm Beach Bethesda hospital. I relaxed and though through the past events for the next five hours. I think more than likely the suspect will be able to explain a lot of events for the last few decades. It got me to thinking that possibly also a scared kid might be doing target practice if there are prowling Bob Cats or Wolves in the area. It is hard to tell, but no one seems to believe me, but plenty of people know what a target marker is, and I am 100 % sure this explains a lot of events. I contacted a few other groups. I estimate anywhere from 5 million to 5 billion people now know and certain legal authorities have confirmed it. I am still more concerned about my friend's mother, and I hope someone is able to help her, and let's all pray for her. I will try to eat something and relax. I put the home made yogurt in the refrigerator. Well have a good evening, and I would advise all residents and visitors to stay away from the waterfront for the indefinite future. Well try to have a good evening. I also advised a visiting traveler in town about the event that knows something about the ocean. CIO

Note:<888>04/20/00 Thursday 11:20 A.M. EDT: Rumoured in the psychic network, there will be a major volcanic erruption around Popopacatel near Mexico City in the next 24 hours. None of the Mexican Internet Sites are working. I have advised the appropriate Command Centers and National Emergency Networks on the Audubon Network. I would not be within 200 Miles of it, if this is true. I think this might be real since the increased neutron levels from the radiation of the solar flares this years is increasing volcanic activity. It is important in this region around New York City to get ready for a very major cold winter. It is rather chilly for this time of the year. I was up at about 9:30 A.M.. I had a light meal of the Chinese Indian rice mixture. I made up a batch of Costa Rican, Hawaiian, and Capacinno mixture coffee mixture coffee for iced coffee. I also have in the yogurt machine from two bags of powder milk, I made a half gallon of milk. I boiled it, and used the yogurt thermomter to measure the temperature when I cooled it in a sink of cold water to the right temperature. I added four heaping tablespoons of my last yogurt. I then head a few tablespoons of honey, a few of Kahlua, a little Nutmeg, Cinnemon, and a teaspoon of vanilla. I put in the yogurt containers a teapoon of apple sauce and a teaspoon of rasberry preserve. I have them in the yogurt machine. I am now about ready to take a shower and clean up. I will be out about 2 P.M., and I have a 3 P.M. appointment. Have a good afternoon. Work the "GRAPE VINE" about Mexico to see if it is true. CIO

Note:<888>04/20/00 Thursday 4:15 A.M. EDT: Well I dumped out the rest of the Cookin Cook chicken since it was six days old. I then replaced the 40 Watt light bulb on the right window sill that went out. I made one of those Chinese Indian rice mixtures with all the usual herbs and spices and sauces along with a few diced pickles and chopped garlic. I made up a quart of powdered milk and put it in the frozen wine fiazco. I sealed it with a rubber band and the Lolly Prince jar opener. I straighten out the kitchen. I am out of opened olive oil, but I have another three litre can I got about 20 months ago. It seems pretty quiet out. Well I am warm and comfortable. I thought I might try resting a bit more this morning. I figure it I slow down a bit and relax here, I might not smoke as many cigarettes. I have a 3 P.M. appointment this afternoon. Well have a good morning. CIO

Note:<888>04/20/00 Thursday 1:15 A.M. EDT: Well I relaxed most of yesterday. I was up about 5 A.M.. I had breakfast three fresh eggs, toast, coffee, orange juice, and vitamins. I relaxed a bit in the morning. I went out in the morning. It was a bit damp. The mail came about 10 A.M.. I went out for a morning breath of fresh air. I relaxed a bit. I went out a few times in the local apartment building area. I cleaned my car windows and straightened out the car a bit. I sprayed a little WD-40 on the car a bit. It cleared a bit about 1 P.M.. I relaxed most of the day. I eventually went to bed about 7 P.M.. I just got up. I had one light bulb burn out on the right, window sill, and since it might intefer with proper television viewing I might leave it off. I guess I was a bit tired, so I just basically relaxed. It seemed like the first real spring day I have notice. Well have a good morning. CIO

Note:<888>04/18/00 Tuesday 8:05 P.M. EDT: Well I was a little tired so I have been resting a bit. I was up around noon on Monday as I recall. I recall going out and stopped by the Bank of New York on Putnam Avenue. One local idiot showed up and asked me if I were a famous actor, and I told him I am a "Economist" not a "Communist". Obviously if I was good in Economics which I have a degree, I might also be good at other activities. I then went down to the center of town, and I paid .25 to park for 1 hour and 15 mintues. I stopped by the Post Office in the center of town, and there was quite a long line of people waiting to pay their taxes. I chatted with a few tired customers and advised them there were other post offices in town. I chatted with another local whom went to high school at the same school I did. I then went over to Old Greenwich, and I went to the Old Greenwich Post Office. I obtained a money order for $30.16 to pay my GEICO Travelers Apartment Insurance for . It cost .80 for the money order, and I paid .40 for a stamped envelope. I then made out the money order and sent it to the correct address. It was not too busy in the Old Greenwich Post Office. I then went to the CVS in Old Greenwich, and I bought two cartons of Marlboro Lights 100s buy three get two free for $10.65 each plus $1.28 tax for $22.58 total. I then went out to Tod's Point and I studied the cloud skyline for a while. It seems like we have a NorthEastern storm in the area which generally lasts three days. I stopped by Staples in Old Greenwich, and I took an exercise walk which is a little warmer inside than outside in this weather. I studied certain products. I mentioned they should look into the new Bell 2.4 Gigahertz cordless phone which is half the price of the Seamans. I then went to the Radio Shack in the Riverside shopping plaza, and I bought a headset extension cable about 6 feet long for $5.99 plus .36 tax for $6.35 total. It will make it possible to use the headset and leave it in its recharging craddle and talk for a longer time, if I were at the computer. I then went over to the Food Emporium and I bought two half gallons of Florida Natural orange juice with the Food Emporium card for $1.29 each for $2.58 total. I chatted with other customers along the way. I next stopped by the Greenwich Library and I took another tour of the facility. I advised the staff that frequently when a youth is missing, they can be found hiding in the library once it is closed. I mentioned that since the oldest tree in the state of Florida is about 400 years old, and there are no older trees, that the state of Florida as we know it is only about 400 years old. Obviously there was a major storm that reshaped the state of Florida about 400 years ago. Thus in some archive in the world, there is probably a record of the storm that shaped the state of Florida as we know it today. Thus many long time residents know it. I would imagine if it happened once, it has happened many times before and could happen again. Whether state would be enlarged or eliminated and what the casualties would be would depend on the intensity of the storm. This might be the reason for some odd groups like the Edgar Casey Foundation and other research groups that investigated the state of Florida. From what I know a lot of ancient sea faring nations know about the real history of the state of Florida as it has been reshaped. All the United States tabloid press here have commented a major breach of international protocal which jeapardizes real people by advertising key figures on the world stage are "Gay" whether they are not. However if one had a 1200 pound body guard like Walter Hudson and a 900 pound body guard like Roger Schultz, I don't think anyone would want to sleep with them or anyone around them except possibly their wives. Of course only a prosperous farmer could afford to feed such rotund fellows. I next chatted with the reference librarian at the local libray on other matters. I then returned home, and I recieved a bit of distressing news from a friend. I hope she is all right. I then went off on my couch potatoe couch and relaxed until about noon today reflecting. I went to bed about noon today, and I was up about 6:30 P.M. today. I feel a bit tired with the storm havnig low blood pressure. Well I suppose I should have a bite to eat. Have a good evening. CIO

Note:<888>04/17/00 Monday 6:30 A.M. EDT: Well I did routine house cleaning and watering the plants all day yesterday. I took time off to chat with a church worker whom is now living in another part of the state. I also chatted with some family members. Since it was a damp rainy day, I decided to stay inside all day. I got around to eating about 8:30 P.M., and I had a peanut butter sandwich and some ice tea. I noticed a few night ago while I was walking around on Greenwich Avenue, the shop Best and Company on Greenwich Avenue has a very fashionable timeless straw hat for women similar to the hats one sees in the timeless British documentary movies about adventures in the tropics and other far reaching parts of the world. It has another name today, it is called the Susane, but I believe it is similar to hats women adventurers wore in British films on the Nile and India. It is similar to a finely woven straw hat, a little bit shaped like a pith helmet with a turned down brim, so as not to blow off in the wind. It has a conservative blue band around it. I believe a similar women's straw hat was used in Palm Beach in the fashionable 1920s and 1930s in between the Great Wars. It sort of looks like a hat, one might find in your grandmother's closet from when she use to vacation in Palm Beach years ago. Well I will have to try to remember what the original hat was called, they have one also in the window. Well not much going on, so I suppose since yesterday I believe was Palm Sunday, I suppose next Sunday should be Easter Sunday. Of course in Greece and Russia like Christmas their orthodox Easter Sunday some times falls on different Sundays. Well have an enjoyable week, and in case any early Florida evacuees should happen into the area, I hope they enjoy their short or extended stays depending on whatever options they should stay. I also have to pay my GEICO apartment insurance this week. I believe in having insurance since over time, one accumulates property which might be hard to replace. I cheched with GEICO on early Sunday morning, and I was advised that I can't make the payment to the company they represent in Connecticut called Travelers Insurance since, GEICO has to recieve the payment in the mail at Frederickburg, Virginia instead of my just simply paying in a office in Connecticut. I guess GEICO and Traveler's Insurance can not afford to maintain an office in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area since it helps them to keep their rates lower. Well have a good morning. CIO

Note:<888>04/16/00 Sunday 3:15 A.M. EDT: Well in other news, I had some cold roasted chicken with tabasco sauce, steamed frozen brocolli, microwaved potatoe, ice tea, and instant coffee for my meal a little while ago. Early this past evening while I was checking my mail, a neighbor gave me four boxes of Rice Krispies, and two boxes of Quaker whole grain oats, so from what I can tell with the oatmeal I have the in apartment and the corn flakes, I have plenty of breakfast cerial for a while. Now it is time for routine house cleaning. With the upcoming hurricane and storm season, hopefully I will have fund to pay my upcoming apartment insurance, if not I think a relative will pay for it. CIO

Note:<888>04/16/00 Sunday 3:00 A.M. EDT: Well I went back to sleep and got up at 1:30 A.M.. I checked with the local PD, the Key West PD, and the Lake Forest, Illinois PD, and I basically advised them based on the current weather conditions for the last several weeks with cool damp air and warm ocean water, we have ideal conditions for the upcoming hurricane season to be very severe. I would advise anyone evacuating early to not head up the Atlantic Coast since hurricanes track up the coast, but to go into the interior of the country where it is safer from ocean front hurricane activity. In my particular situation, I only live three miles south of an airport, so I obviously could move to a saver area if a Force 3 or greater hurricane were headed into the New York metropolitan area, but I can not say the same for the other 70 million people whom live up and down the East Coast of the United States and other threatened locations. Thus we will play it by ear and see what the future weather hold. Having looked at the current buildup in Key West, and knowing other facilities built up and down the Atlantic coast, I am not sure how many people understand how severe the weather can be along the ocean, so we will take it from day to day until the end of the hurricane season in mid December. From what I can tell, no one seems particularly concerned at the moment, so I would assume most everyone is prepared down south and would rather not deal with the colder weather up north or in the interior of the country. The nature of duty around the ocean this is particularly routine activity, so we will have to remember to keep a weather eye out. I suppose certain long term weather forecasters would frequently admith the birds seem to have more common sense than people. Well have a good morning. CIO

Note:<888>04/15/00 Saturday 7:35 P.M. EDT: I was up at about 4:30 P.M.. I was thinking about a trip, I once made out west and I discovered that when the Rocky Mountains were snowed in, I decided to drive north from Denver off Route 70, to Cheyanne, Wyoming and on to Larrime, Wyoming on Route 80 and across Wyoming on to the Little America truck stop and through the mountains around Lyman, Wyoming and down into Utah and on to Salt Lake. I guess that might be a safer trip than driving through the Rockies in snow with avalanche problems. One could then head back east to Park City, Utah where the Winter Olympics are scheduled I believe in a couple of years. The trip during mid October around 1978, I believe did not have much snow, but it was minus -20 degrees farenheit in Larimee, Wyoming and it was even colder further west. There was not much snow, and as I recall the old Subaru did not have a working heater, so a little heat drifted of the engine and came back into the car. I noticed a Sinclair Oil Refinery about two hours west of Larimee on Route 80, so I guess there is ample fuel in the area. Well if one ever drives through the Rockies and Colorado one needs to heed weather information and tape appropriate avalanche procautions. I also studied the vista of the Wyndham Casa Marina - Resort and Beach House - Key West, Florida that has changed dramatically since I lived in the building during the winter of 1978. I guess a lot of people up north don't like cold weather and think that Key West is warmer, but trust me it can also get cold in Key West, and I have been there when it is 22 degrees Farenheit. Well so much for weather observations in North America. On the trip I mentioned earlier, the conditions do get worse traveling from Salt Lake, to Reno, to Carson City and on over the Sierra Nevadas if one is heading west to Sacramento and San Francisco. On a different trip, I saw six inches of snow in Truckee, California near Lake Tahoe in August and they had even more snow in Lake Tahoe. I noticed studying an old Rand McNalley map, that Crater Lake is near a smaller mountain Mount Scott, which obviously means that someone named Scott much have been familiar with Crater Lake. I also noticed that Fort Bragg, California which is as far north as I have been on the west coast of California is considerably further north of San Francisco than I thought it was. I also studied a bit of Northern, Vermont and the Jay Peak area that might have a connection to the Jay family and the John Jay homestead in nearby Bedford, New York. I also noticed that it is not too far from St. Johnsbury, Vermont where friends of mine from Cambridge, Massachussetts use to own a commune on a dairy farm and work on restoring old hatch covers when they were not milking the cows. It is nice up there in the summer, but it can be a long winter. I recall once driving from Burlington, Vermont on a winding vermont highway through Mountpelier and over to St. Johnbury, Vermont. It was very scenic in the summer with classical New England church steeple towns and cool streams along the roadway for taking a quick dip to warm off on a hot summers day. Still it might be a bit cooler there in the winter. I believe from what I have a read Burlington, Vermont has grown significantly and there is a large population of new people in the area, and I believe they have technical skills since the IBM Cyrix processor use to be made there. Well we know how many people are up in Canada, so there must be a few in northern Vermont. Well I chatted with a family member and let a message with someone else. Not much happening, so I might clean up soon. I had breakfast of GU corn flakes, toast, vitamins, coffee, and orange juice. Well have a good evening, and if you happen to be traveling watch the weather. CIO

Note:<888>04/15/00 Saturday 9:35 A.M. EDT: Well I went out about sunrise at 6:30 A.M. give or take. I stopped by down at the waterfront and there were about a half dozen Canadian Geese and a couple of sea gulls and a couple of young teenagers listening to Disco music. I noticed that the skies seem to be universally grey and it was a bit damp out. I then returned uptown, and I took a morning stroll on lower Greenwich Avenue. I advised on patron parked in front of St. Moritz bakery that his black Mercedes station wagon might not be too good in the deep snow in the mountains in places like the Rocky Moutains. I strolled through the train station and watched some of the early morning commuters. There appeared to be a few Norwegians around if one is good at recognizing Norwegians. I then returned up the Avenue and rested at the post office plaza and enjoyed the morning air and admired the tullips and daffodils at the Post Office plaza and the Veterans monument. I returned home, and it stank a bit since I had forgetten to throw out the chicken guts from the chicken last night. I relaxed a bit, and now I think I will go to bed. Have a good morning. CIO

Note:<888>04/15/00 Saturday 5:30 A.M. EDT: The old Colorado T-1000E drive installed with plug and play with Windows 98 after setting the Pararell port to Normal and "3BC" irq setting and a few reboots. I have 7 tapes that can hold 400 meg to 800 megs compressed. I had already backed up most of the music files to 3 of the tapes. I have a backup of the old OS/2 system on the 486. I have one tape left blank. I used one tape to back up the Favorites and the server directories on the E: drive along with some other data files. I then backed up a lot of work files, directory files, and other odd files on the C: drive. I put the tapes in the fire proof sentry box for storage, so at least I have some sort of off computer backup. I set up the tape drive on top of the LPT switch box which is above the Cable modem with the Fellowes storage box above the tape drive. Well not much else happening. Since I was up later yesterday, I might relax a bit now. The overall system is still running great. I could switch the tape drive when I have time to the back up computer and put the Favorites on the backup along with some of the server files. The Favorites which take up 350 megs on the FAT32 drive only take up a little over 5 megs on the tape. Well have a good morning. The tape driver does not load when one boots the computer with the drive off. CIO

Note:<888>04/15/00 Saturday 1:15 A.M. EDT: I finished dinner. I then made the necessary backups of system boot disks, Norton Recovery disks, the bios boot disks, the MS Money 99 data file, a *.zip file of my text file of my notes, and the *.zip files of my downloadable directory. I used 25 new floppies for these, and I have five blank ones left. I have a lot of old floppies that might be a little irractic after all the years. I got out my old Colorado T-1000E drive, and I thought since plug and play should recognize it, I would make some tape backups on the old tape cassettes of 400/800 megs of my Favorites, letters, and a few other key files to have for added backup. I will now reboot and see if plug and pray recognizes it. Well have a good morning. CIO