IBM, *.org Servers

88OPEN.ORG (88open Consortium, Ltd.)
9HOUSES.ORG (The Nine Houses of Gaia)
9HOUSESORG (The Nine Houses of Gaia)
AAAI.ORG (American Association for Artificial Intelligence)
AAAIORG (American Association for Artificial Intelligence)
AAI.ORG (American Association of Immunologists)
AAIORG (American Association of Immunologists)
ABITARE.ORG (Abitare Internet Access)
ABITAREORG (Abitare Internet Access)
ABUI.ORG (Association of Banyan Users International)
ABUIORG (Association of Banyan Users International)
ACC.ORG (American College of Cardiology)
ACCORG (American College of Cardiology)
ACM.ORG (Association for Computing Machinery)
ACMORG (Association for Computing Machinery)
ACNATSCI.ORG (Academy of Natural Sciences)
ACNATSCIORG (Academy of Natural Sciences)
ACS.ORG (The American Chemical Society)
ACSORG (The American Chemical Society)
AEA.ORG (American Engineering Associaiton)
AEAORG (American Engineering Associaiton)
AED.ORG (Academy for Educational Development)
AEDORG (Academy for Educational Development)
AERO.ORG (The Aerospace Corporation)
AEROORG (The Aerospace Corporation)
AFB.ORG (American Federation for the Blind)
AFBORG (American Federation for the Blind)
AFBP.ORG (Action for Blind People)
AFDB.ORG (African Development Bank)
AFDBORG (African Development Bank)
AFROAM.ORG (AfroAmerican Newspapers)
AFROAMORG (AfroAmerican Newspapers)
AGNIC.ORG (Cooperative Extension Service, USDA)
AGNICORG (Cooperative Extension Service, USDA)
AIP.ORG (American Institute of Physics)
AIPORG (American Institute of Physics)
AIR.ORG (Association for Internet Resources)
AIRORG (Association for Internet Resources)
AIS.ORG (Arbor Information Society)
AISORG (Arbor Information Society)
AJN.ORG (American Journal of Nursing Company)
AJNORG (American Journal of Nursing Company)
ALDHFN.ORG (Auldhaefen Associates)
ALDHFNORG (Auldhaefen Associates)
ALQUDS.ORG (Alquds Organization)
ALQUDSORG (Alquds Organization)
AMNH.ORG (American Museum of Natural History)
AMNHORG (American Museum of Natural History)
AMS.ORG (American Mathematical Society)
AMSAT.ORG (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp (AMSAT))
AMSATORG (Radio Amateur Satellite Corp (AMSAT))
AMSORG (American Mathematical Society)
AMUG.ORG (Arizona Macintosh Users Group)
AMUGORG (Arizona Macintosh Users Group)
AMWELD.ORG (American Welding Society)
AMWELDORG (American Welding Society)
ANDI.ORG (Association of NeXTSTEP Developers International, Inc.)
APA.ORG (American Psychological Association)
APAORG (American Psychological Association)
APC.ORG (Association for Progressive Communications)
APCORG (Association for Progressive Communications)
APOCALYPSE.ORG (Rancho Apocalypse)
APOCALYPSEORG (Rancho Apocalypse)
ARISIA.ORG (Arisia, Inc.)
ARISIAORG (Arisia, Inc)
ARO.ORG (Association for Research in Otolaryngology)
AROORG (Association for Research in Otolaryngology)
ASA.ORG (Antarctic Support Associates)
ASAORG (Antarctic Support Associates)
ASEE.ORG (American Society for Engineering Education)
ASEEORG (American Society for Engineering Education)
ASHS.ORG (American Society for Horticultural Sciences)
ASHSORG (American Society for Horticultural Sciences)
ASIANDEVBANK.ORG (Asian Development Bank)
ASIANDEVBANKORG (Asian Development Bank)
ATA.ORG (American Tinnitus Association)
ATAORG (American Tinnitus Association)
ATCC.ORG (American Type Culture Collection)
ATCCORG (American Type Culture Collection)
AUDUBON.ORG (National Audubon Society)
AUDUBONORG (National Audubon Society)
AUGLINK.ORG (AugLink Public Access Unix-Internet System)
BATTELLE.ORG (Battelle Memorial Institute)
BATTELLEORG (Battelle Memorial Institute)
BCBSAL.ORG (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama)
BCBSALORG (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama)
BCR.ORG (Bibliographical Center for Research)
BCRORG (Bibliographical Center for Research)
BCS.ORG (The Boston Computer Society)
BCSORG (The Boston Computer Society)
BETHANY.ORG (Bethany Christian Services)
BETHANYORG (Bethany Christian Services)
BLACKROSE.ORG (Black Rose Society)
BLACKROSEORG (Black Rose Society)
BMUG.ORG (Berkeley Macintosh Users Group)
BMUGORG (Berkeley Macintosh Users Group)
BOOTSTRAP.ORG (Bootstrap Institute)
BOOTSTRAPORG (Bootstrap Institute)
BOYSTOWN.ORG (Father Flanagan's Boy's Home)
BOYSTOWNORG (Father Flanagan's Boy's Home)
BPL.ORG (Boston Public Library)
BPLORG (Boston Public Library)
BWC.ORG (Baha'i World Centre)
BWCORG (Baha'i World Centre)
C2.ORG (Community Connexion)
C2ORG (Community Connexion)
CABI.ORG (Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International)
CABIORG (Commonwealth Agricultural Bureau International)
CACTUS.ORG (The Austin Unix Users Group)
CACTUSORG (The Austin Unix Users Group)
CAIRN.ORG (Community Access Information Resource Network)
CAIRNORG (Community Access Information Resource Network)
CALACADEMY.ORG (California Academy of Science)
CALACADEMYORG (California Academy of Science)
CAM.ORG (Communications Accessibles Montreal)
CAMELOT.ORG (Beiter Technolgies)
CAMELOTORG (Beiter Technolgies)
CAMINTL.ORG (Information Technology Associates Ltd)
CAMINTLORG (Information Technology Associates Ltd)
CAMORG (Communications Accessibles Montreal)
CAPACCESS.ORG (National Capital Area Public Access Network)
CAPACCESSORG (National Capital Area Public Access Network)
CARL.ORG (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries)
CAS.ORG (Chemical Abstracts Services)
CASE.ORG (Council for Advancement & Support of Education)
CASEORG (Council for Advancement & Support of Education)
CASORG (Chemical Abstracts Services)
CASTLE.ORG (Castle Public Access Unix)
CASTLEORG (Castle Public Access Unix)
CCF.ORG (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
CCFORG (Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
CCIL.ORG (Chester County InterLink)
CCILORG (Chester County InterLink)
CCRKBA.ORG (The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms)
CCRKBAORG (The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms)
CDIDC.ORG (Conference on Disarmament International Data Center)
CDIDCORG (Conference on Disarmament International Data Center)
CELT.ORG (Center for Educational Leadership and Technology)
CELTORG (Center for Educational Leadership and Technology)
CENTER.ORG (The Center for Software Development)
CFI.ORG (CAD Framework Initiative)
CFIORG (CAD Framework Initiative)
CGIAR.ORG (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research)
CGIARORG (Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research)
CHABAD.ORG (Central Organization for Jewish Education)
CHABADORG (Central Organization for Jewish Education)
CHARITIES.ORG (National United Service Agencies)
CHARITIESORG (National United Service Agencies)
CHILD.ORG (ParaGraph's childrens computer club)
CHILDORG (ParaGraph's childrens computer club)
CHLC.ORG (Cooperative Human Linkage Center, Informatics Group)
CHLCORG (Cooperative Human Linkage Center, Informatics Group)
CHMC.ORG (Children's Hospital and Medical Center)
CHMCORG (Children's Hospital and Medical Center)
CHPC.ORG (Center for High-Performance Computing)
CHPCORG (Center for High-Performance Computing)
CHRISTIAN.ORG (Automatic Dogmatic Logic)
CHRISTIANORG (Automatic Dogmatic Logic)
CHRISTUSREX.ORG (Christus Rex, Inc.)
CHRISTUSREXORG (Christus Rex, Inc)
CIEE.ORG (Council on International Educational Exchange)
CIEEORG (Council on International Educational Exchange)
CIESIN.ORG (Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network CIESIN)
CIESINORG (Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network CIESIN)
CIIT.ORG (Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology)
CIITORG (Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology)
CIL.ORG (Component Integration Laboratories)
CILABS.ORG (Component Integration Laboratories)
CIRCLES.ORG (Consortium for International Research Collaboration,)
CIX.ORG (CIX - Commercial Internet Exchange)
CIXORG (CIX - Commercial Internet Exchange)
CLASS.ORG (Cooperative Library Agency For Systems and Services)
CLASSORG (Cooperative Library Agency For Systems and Services)
CND.ORG (China News Digest)
CNDORG (China News Digest)
CNET.ORG (International Christian Media Commission)
CNETORG (International Christian Media Commission)
CNI.ORG (Coalition for Networked Information)
CNIDR.ORG (Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval)
CNIDRORG (Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval)
CNIORG (Coalition for Networked Information)
CNYRIC.ORG (Onondaga, Cortland, Madison BOCES)
CNYRICORG (Onondaga, Cortland, Madison BOCES)
CODE.ORG (Colorado Digital Eclectics)
COFFEEHOUSE.ORG (Virtual City Network Project)
COL.ORG (The Commonwealth of Learning)
COLORG (The Commonwealth of Learning)
COMPUTER.ORG (IEEE Computer Society)
COMPUTERORG (IEEE Computer Society)
CONTACT.ORG (The Contact Center Network)
CONTACTORG (The Contact Center Network)
COSN.ORG (Consortium for School Networking)
COSNORG (Consortium for School Networking)
CPB.ORG (Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
CPBI.ORG (Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.)
CPBIORG (Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc)
CPBORG (Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
CPC.ORG (College Placement Council, Inc)
CPCORG (College Placement Council, Inc)
CPL.ORG (Cleveland Public Library)
CPLORG (Cleveland Public Library)
CPSR.ORG (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
CPSRORG (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility)
CREST.ORG (Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tech)
CRESTORG (Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tech)
CSHL.ORG (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
CSHLORG (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
CSN.ORG (Colorado SuperNet, Inc.)
CSNORG (Colorado SuperNet, Inc)
CSP.ORG (Council on Spiritual Practices)
CSPORG (Council on Spiritual Practices)
CTPM.ORG (CRC for Tropical Pest Management)
CUG.ORG (Cray User Group)
CUGORG (Cray User Group)
CYB.ORG (Community Cybernetics)
CYBERSPACE.ORG (Cyberspace Communications, Inc.)
CYBERSPACEORG (Cyberspace Communications, Inc)
CYCLING.ORG (The Global Cycling Network)
CYCLINGORG (The Global Cycling Network)
DEBIAN.ORG (The Debian Linux Association)
DEBIANORG (The Debian Linux Association)
DECUS.ORG (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society)
DECUSORG (Digital Equipment Computer Users Society)
DELPHI-INT.ORG (Delphi International)
DELPHI-INTORG (Delphi International)
DELTA1.ORG (delta one)
DELTA1ORG (delta one)
DEMENTIA.ORG (Dementia Unlimited)
DEMENTIAORG (Dementia Unlimited)
DIS.ORG (disorganized)
DISORG (disorganized)
DMA.ORG (Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc.)
DMAORG (Dayton Microcomputer Association, Inc)
DOLPHIN.ORG (Dolphin Communications Inc.)
DOLPHINORG (Dolphin Communications Inc)
DOMINO.ORG (Domino Software)
DOMINOORG (Domino Software)
DORSAI.ORG (The Dorsai Embassy, Inc.)
DORSAIORG (The Dorsai Embassy, Inc)
DQ.ORG (Digital Queers)
DQORG (Digital Queers)
DRAGON.ORG (DragonHart)
DRAGONORG (DragonHart)
DSCC.ORG (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)
DSCCORG (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee)
ECAFE.ORG (Hypereality Systems)
ECAFEORG (Hypereality Systems)
ECBI.ORG (European Center for Biotechnology Information)
ECBIORG (European Center for Biotechnology Information)
ECS.ORG (Education Commission of the States)
ECSORG (Education Commission of the States)
EDC.ORG (Education Development Center)
EDCORG (Education Development Center)
EFF.ORG (Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc.)
EFFORG (Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc)
EFN.ORG (Eugene Free Net)
EFNH.ORG (Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire)
EFNHORG (Electronic Frontiers New Hampshire)
EFNORG (Eugene Free Net)
EI.ORG (Engineering Information, Inc.)
EIORG (Engineering Information, Inc)
EMA.ORG (Electronic Messaging Association)
EMAORG (Electronic Messaging Association)
ENC.ORG (The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)
ENCORG (The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse)
ENVIROLINK.ORG (The EnviroLink Network)
ENVIROLINKORG (The EnviroLink Network)
EOS.ORG (Education Online Sources)
EOSORG (Education Online Sources)
ERIM.ORG (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan)
ERIMORG (Environmental Research Institute of Michigan)
ESSENTIAL.ORG (Essential Information)
ESSENTIALORG (Essential Information)
EUSHC.ORG (Crawford Long Hospital of Emory University)
EUSHCORG (Crawford Long Hospital of Emory University)
EVO.ORG (The Evolution Group)
EVOORG (The Evolution Group)
EWI.ORG (Edison Welding Institute)
EWIORG (Edison Welding Institute)
FAO.ORG (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
FAOORG (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)
FARNET.ORG (Federation of American Research Networks)
FARNETORG (Federation of American Research Networks)
FASEB.ORG (FASEB, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
FASEBORG (FASEB, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)
FCN.ORG (Foundation Foundation for the Conservation of Nature)
FCNORG (Foundation Foundation for the Conservation of Nature)
FDN.ORG (French Data Network)
FDNORG (French Data Network)
FED.ORG (Foundation for Enterprise Development)
FEDORG (Foundation for Enterprise Development)
FELINE.ORG (Felidae Enterprises)
FELINEORG (Felidae Enterprises)
FH.ORG (Food For The Hungry)
FHCRC.ORG (The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
FHCRCORG (The Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
FHORG (Food For The Hungry)
FIRST.ORG (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
FIRSTORG (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
FLSIG.ORG (Florida ACM SIG Chapters)
FLSIGORG (Florida ACM SIG Chapters)
FNORD.ORG (Infostop)
FNORDORG (Infostop)
FORDFOUND.ORG (Ford Foundation)
FORDFOUNDORG (Ford Foundation)
FORTNET.ORG (FortNet - Fort Collins Community Network)
FORTNETORG (FortNet - Fort Collins Community Network)
FREAK.ORG (MUD Freaks Anonymous)
FREENET.ORG (Greater Detroit Free-Net)
FRIENDS.ORG (1000 Friends of Oregon)
FRIENDSORG (1000 Friends of Oregon)
FRUUG.ORG (Front Range UNIX Users Group)
FRUUGORG (Front Range UNIX Users Group)
FURTUAL.ORG (Furtual Reality Research)
FURTUALORG (Furtual Reality Research)
FWL.ORG (Far West Laboratory)
FWLORG (Far West Laboratory)
GAYLAXIANS.ORG (Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society)
GAYLAXIANSORG (Gaylaxian Science Fiction Society)
GBNET.ORG (Steve Kennedy)
GBNETORG (Steve Kennedy)
GCRIO.ORG (Global Change Research Information Office [GCRIO])
GCRIOORG (Global Change Research Information Office [GCRIO)
GDB.ORG (Johns Hopkins University Genome Database)
GDBORG (Johns Hopkins University Genome Database)
GDN.ORG (Congressional Human Rights Foundation)
GENTECH.ORG (Gentech, Inc. (TX Non-profit by IRS 401C ))
GENTECHORG (Gentech, Inc (TX Non-profit by IRS 401C ))
GHC.ORG (Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound)
GHCORG (Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound)
GLEF.ORG (The George Lucas Educational Foundation)
GLEFORG (The George Lucas Educational Foundation)
GMI.ORG (Global Mapping International)
GMIORG (Global Mapping International)
GREENPEACE.ORG (Greenpeace International)
GREENPEACEORG (Greenpeace International)
GRFN.ORG (FreeNet Services)
GRFNORG (FreeNet Services)
GTLUG.ORG (Golden Triangle Linux Users Group)
GTLUGORG (Golden Triangle Linux Users Group)
HAL-PC.ORG (Houston Area League of PC Users)
HAL-PCORG (Houston Area League of PC Users)
HEALTH.ORG (National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information)
HEALTHORG (National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information)
HEARTH.ORG (Mark Steckel)
HEARTHORG (Mark Steckel)
HEFFTER.ORG (Bob Gustwick Associates, Inc.)
HEFFTERORG (Bob Gustwick Associates, Inc)
HHMI.ORG (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
HHMIORG (Howard Hughes Medical Institute)
HIVNET.ORG (Stichting HIVNET (HIVNET Foundation))
HIVNETORG (Stichting HIVNET (HIVNET Foundation))
HJF.ORG (Henry M. Jackson Foundation)
HJFORG (Henry M Jackson Foundation)
HRIA.ORG (Hampton Roads Internet Association)
HRIAORG (Hampton Roads Internet Association)
HSLC.ORG (Health Sciences Libraries Consortium)
HSLCORG (Health Sciences Libraries Consortium)
IADB.ORG (Inter-American Development Bank)
IADBORG (Inter-American Development Bank)
IAS.ORG (International Association of Sufism)
IASORG (International Association of Sufism)
IBA.ORG (Internet Business Association)
IBAORG (Internet Business Association)
ICEWORLD.ORG (Jim Williams & Assoc)
ICEWORLDORG (Jim Williams & Assoc)
ICLNET.ORG (Institute for Christian Leadership)
ICLNETORG (Institute for Christian Leadership)
ICS.ORG (Industrial Computing Society)
ICSORG (Industrial Computing Society)
IEEE.ORG (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc.)
IEEEORG (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc)
IFAD.ORG (International Fund for Agricultural Development)
IFADORG (International Fund for Agricultural Development)
IFCSS.ORG (Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US)
IFCSSORG (Independent Federation of Chinese Students and Scholars in the US)
IFRC.ORG (International Federation of Red Cross)
IFRCORG (International Federation of Red Cross)
IGC.ORG (Institute for Global Communications)
IGCORG (Institute for Global Communications)
IGO.ORG (Internet Gaming Organization)
IIA.ORG (International Internet Association)
IIAORG (International Internet Association)
INK.ORG (The Information Network of Kansas)
INKORG (The Information Network of Kansas)
INTERACT.ORG (Interact Corp.)
INTERACTORG (Interact Corp)
IO.ORG (Internex Online Inc.)
IOORG (Internex Online Inc)
IRC.ORG (irc)
ISC.ORG (Internet Software Consortium)
ISCORG (Internet Software Consortium)
ISOC.ORG (Internet Society)
ISOCORG (Internet Society)
IT.ORG (Intertech)
ITA.ORG (Internet Transit Authority)
ITAORG (Internet Transit Authority)
ITC.ORG (International Telecomputing Consortium)
ITCORG (International Telecomputing Consortium)
ITI.ORG (Industrial Technology Institute)
ITIORG (Industrial Technology Institute)
ITORG (Intertech)
JAX.ORG (Jackson Laboratory)
JAXORG (Jackson Laboratory)
JUSTIN.ORG (Yer Mama Net Productions)
JUSTINORG (Yer Mama Net Productions)
KET.ORG (Kentucky Educational Television)
KETORG (Kentucky Educational Television)
KFS.ORG (Kingfisher Software)
KFSORG (Kingfisher Software)
KLI.ORG (Klingon Language Institute)
KLIORG (Klingon Language Institute)
KPNW.ORG (Kaiser Permanente)
KPNWORG (Kaiser Permanente)
KRAM.ORG (Mark Turner)
KRAMORG (Mark Turner)
LACMA.ORG (L.A. County Museum of Art)
LACMAORG (LA County Museum of Art)
LCO.ORG (Las Cumbres Observatory, Inc.)
LCOORG (Las Cumbres Observatory, Inc)
LEAD.ORG (The Rockefeller Foundation)
LEADORG (The Rockefeller Foundation)
LEAGUE.ORG (League for Innovation in the Community College)
LEAGUEORG (League for Innovation in the Community College)
LEO.ORG (LEO - Link Everything Online)
LEOORG (LEO - Link Everything Online)
LERI.ORG (Leri, Systems Division)
LERIORG (Leri, Systems Division)
LINUX.ORG (Linux Software Promotions Co)
LINUXORG (Linux Software Promotions Co)
LLC.ORG (Acces Public LLC enr.)
LMI.ORG (Logistics Management Institute)
LMIORG (Logistics Management Institute)
LOWE.ORG (Edward Lowe Foundation)
LOWEORG (Edward Lowe Foundation)
LP.ORG (Libertarian Party)
LPF.ORG (League for Programming Freedom)
LPFORG (League for Programming Freedom)
LPORG (Libertarian Party)
LSAC.ORG (Law School Admission Council)
LSACORG (Law School Admission Council)
LSAS.ORG (Law School Admission Services)
LSASORG (Law School Admission Services)
LTW.ORG (Light of the World Christian Church)
LUPINE.ORG (Whispering Wolf Productions)
LUPINEORG (Whispering Wolf Productions)
MAA.ORG (Mathametical Association of America)
MAAORG (Mathametical Association of America)
MACFDN.ORG (John D. And Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation)
MACFDNORG (John D And Catherine T MacArthur Foundation)
MADEFAST.ORG (Entiprise Integration Technologies Corporation)
MAGIC.ORG (Bruce's Bar & Grill)
MAGICATS.ORG (Thomas Ventures)
MAGICATSORG (Thomas Ventures)
MAGICORG (Bruce's Bar & Grill)
MAPS.ORG (Multidisciplinary Association for)
MAPSORG (Multidisciplinary Association for)
MBARI.ORG (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)
MBARIORG (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)
MCNC.ORG (Microelectronics Center of North Carolina)
MCNCORG (Microelectronics Center of North Carolina)
MDG.ORG (Multimedia Development Group)
MDGORG (Multimedia Development Group)
MECCA.ORG (Memphis Educational Computer Connectivity Alliance)
MECCAORG (Memphis Educational Computer Connectivity Alliance)
MEDIA.ORG (Internet Multicasting Service)
MEDIAORG (Internet Multicasting Service)
MEDIAPORT.ORG (MediaPort Rotterdam)
MEDIAPORTORG (MediaPort Rotterdam)
MHN.ORG (MHN Consulting Services)
MHNORG (MHN Consulting Services)
MIB.ORG (Men in Black)
MIBORG (Men in Black)
MITRE.ORG (MITRE Corporation)
MITREORG (MITRE Corporation)
MOBOT.ORG (Missouri Botantical Gardens)
MOBOTORG (Missouri Botantical Gardens)
MOOSE.ORG (The Boulder Moose Group)
MOOSEORG (The Boulder Moose Group)
MORINO.ORG (Morino Institute)
MORINOORG (Morino Institute)
MORNINGSTAR.ORG (Morning Star Technologies)
MORNINGSTARORG (Morning Star Technologies)
MPCC.ORG (Michigan Public Computing Consortium)
MPCCORG (Michigan Public Computing Consortium)
MRS.ORG (Materials Research Society)
MRSORG (Materials Research Society)
MSKCC.ORG (Memorial Sloan Kettering)
MSKCCORG (Memorial Sloan Kettering)
MSRI.ORG (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute)
MSRIORG (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute)
MTN.ORG (Minneapolis Telecommunications Network)
MTNORG (Minneapolis Telecommunications Network)
MTPPI.ORG (Medical Technology & Practice Patterns Inst)
NAB.ORG (National Association of Broadcasters)
NABORG (National Association of Broadcasters)
NACS.ORG (National Association of College Stores)
NACSORG (National Association of College Stores)
NAUTICUS.ORG (NAUTICUS - The National Maritime Center.)
NAUTICUSORG (NAUTICUS - The National Maritime Center)
NCGR.ORG (National Center for Genomic Resources)
NCGRORG (National Center for Genomic Resources)
NCMS.ORG (National Center for Manufacturing Sciences)
NCMSORG (National Center for Manufacturing Sciences)
NCREL.ORG (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory)
NCRELORG (North Central Regional Educational Laboratory)
ND.ORG (Dan Plunkett)
NDORG (Dan Plunkett)
NEIRL.ORG (The Network Inc.)
NEMC.ORG (New England Medical Center Hospital)
NEMCORG (New England Medical Center Hospital)
NETBSD.ORG (The NetBSD Project)
NETBSDORG (The NetBSD Project)
NETF.ORG (New England Technology Forum)
NETJAM.ORG (Craig Latta)
NETJAMORG (Craig Latta)
NETLIB.ORG (Innovative Computing Labs)
NETLIBORG (Innovative Computing Labs)
NETSPACE.ORG (NetSpace Project)
NETSPACEORG (NetSpace Project)
NIIT.ORG (National Information Infrastructure Testbed)
NINE.ORG (The Room With Nine Mirrors)
NINEORG (The Room With Nine Mirrors)
NJC.ORG (National Jewish Center for Imm. and Resp.)
NJCORG (National Jewish Center for Imm and Resp)
NM.ORG (New Mexico Technet, Inc.)
NMIS.ORG (Network Multimedia Information Services)
NMISORG (Network Multimedia Information Services)
NMORG (New Mexico Technet, Inc)
NOBLE.ORG (The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc.)
NOBLEORG (The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, Inc)
NORCAL.ORG (Northern California District Church of the Nazarene.)
NORCALORG (Northern California District Church of the Nazarene)
NPC.ORG (National Petroleum Council)
NPCORG (National Petroleum Council)
NPR.ORG (National Public Radio)
NPRORG (National Public Radio)
NPTN.ORG (National Public Telecomputing Network)
NPTNORG (National Public Telecomputing Network)
NRA.ORG (The National Rifle Association)
NRAORG (The National Rifle Association)
NSLSILUS.ORG (North Suburban Library System)
NSLSILUSORG (North Suburban Library System)
NSTA.ORG (National Science Teachers Association)
NSTAORG (National Science Teachers Association)
NVTC.ORG (Northern Virginia Technology Council)
NVTCORG (Northern Virginia Technology Council)
NWF.ORG (National Wildlife Federation)
NWFORG (National Wildlife Federation)
NWREL.ORG (The Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL))
NWRELORG (The Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL))
NYAM.ORG (New York Academy of Medicine)
NYAMORG (New York Academy of Medicine)
NYC.ORG (Direct Data Access)
NYCORG (Direct Data Access)
NYPL.ORG (The New York Public Library)
NYPLORG (The New York Public Library)
OAI.ORG (Ohio Aerospace Institute)
OAIORG (Ohio Aerospace Institute)
OAS.ORG (Organization of American States)
OASORG (Organization of American States)
OCLC.ORG (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.)
OCLCORG (Online Computer Library Center, Inc)
ODMG.ORG (Object Database Management Group)
ODMGORG (Object Database Management Group)
OEA.ORG (Organizacion de Estanos Americanos)
OM.ORG (Operation Mobilisation)
OMG.ORG (Object Management Group, Inc.)
OMGORG (Object Management Group, Inc)
OMORG (Operation Mobilisation)
ORI.ORG (Oregon Research Institute)
ORIORG (Oregon Research Institute)
ORT.ORG (ORT (World ORT Union))
OSA.ORG (Optical Society of America)
OSAORG (Optical Society of America)
OSB.ORG (Order of Saint Benedict Incorporated)
OSBORG (Order of Saint Benedict Incorporated)
OSF.ORG (Open Software Foundation)
OSFORG (Open Software Foundation)
OUP-USA.ORG (Oxford University Press USA)
OUP-USAORG (Oxford University Press USA)
OUTPOST.ORG (The Outpost)
OUTPOSTORG (The Outpost)
PACSCI.ORG (Pacific Science Center)
PACSCIORG (Pacific Science Center)
PBS.ORG (Public Broadcasting Service)
PBSORG (Public Broadcasting Service)
PD.ORG (Public Domain, Inc.)
PDORG (Public Domain, Inc)
PEACEFUL.ORG (John Wiegley)
PETNET.ORG (Bosack & Kruger Foundation)
PETNETORG (Bosack & Kruger Foundation)
PHRED.ORG (Phred Networking Organization)
PHREDORG (Phred Networking Organization)
PIE.ORG (Policy Resource Center, Inc.)
PIEORG (Policy Resource Center, Inc)
POVRAY.ORG (Hallam Oaks Pty. Ltd.)
POVRAYORG (Hallam Oaks Pty Ltd)
PRAIRIENET.ORG (Prairienet, Inc.)
PRAIRIENETORG (Prairienet, Inc)
RADIO.ORG (The Radio Connection)
RADIOORG (The Radio Connection)
RAIL2000.ORG (Peninsula Rail 2000, Inc.)
RAIL2000ORG (Peninsula Rail 2000, Inc)
RAND.ORG (The RAND Corporation)
RANDORG (The RAND Corporation)
RBS.ORG (Research for Better Schools)
RBSORG (Research for Better Schools)
RED-CROSS.ORG (American Red Cross)
RED-CROSSORG (American Red Cross)
RELIEFNET.ORG (reliefnet)
RELIEFNETORG (reliefnet)
REPTILES.ORG (Reptilian Research)
REPTILESORG (Reptilian Research)
RFF.ORG (Resources for the Future)
RFFORG (Resources for the Future)
RFMH.ORG (Research Foundation for Mental Health)
RIVENDELL.ORG (Rivendell Resources)
RIVENDELLORG (Rivendell Resources)
RMIUG.ORG (Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group)
RMIUGORG (Rocky Mountain Internet Users Group)
ROUNDABOUT.ORG (Magic Roundabout Org.)
ROUNDABOUTORG (Magic Roundabout Org)
RRI.ORG (Resource Renewal Institute)
RRIORG (Resource Renewal Institute)
RSNA.ORG (Radiologic Society of North America)
RSNAORG (Radiologic Society of North America)
RTI.ORG (Research Triangle Institute)
RTIORG (Research Triangle Institute)
RTKNET.ORG (Unison Insititute)
RTKNETORG (Unison Insititute)
SAF.ORG (The Second Amendment Foundation)
SAFE.ORG (Login Informatique J-M.P.)
SAFEORG (Login Informatique J-MP)
SAFORG (The Second Amendment Foundation)
SATELNET.ORG (SatelNET Communications)
SATELNETORG (SatelNET Communications)
SBAYORG (sbayorg)
SCISOC.ORG (Scientific Society - American Phytopathological Society)
SCISOCORG (Scientific Society - American Phytopathological Society)
SCN.ORG (Seattle Community Network)
SCNORG (Seattle Community Network)
SCRA.ORG (South Carolina Research Authority)
SCRAORG (South Carolina Research Authority)
SDSLUG.ORG (San Diego SUN Users Group)
SDSLUGORG (San Diego SUN Users Group)
SEASLUG.ORG (Seattle Unix Group)
SEASLUGORG (Seattle Unix Group)
SEDL.ORG (Southwest Educational Development Lab (SEDL))
SEDLORG (Southwest Educational Development Lab (SEDL))
SEMI.ORG (Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International)
SEMIORG (Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International)
SERVE.ORG (Southeastern Regional Vision for Education)
SERVEORG (Southeastern Regional Vision for Education)
SFCU.ORG (Stanford Federal Credit Union)
SFCUORG (Stanford Federal Credit Union)
SFN.ORG (Society for Neuroscience)
SFNORG (Society for Neuroscience)
SHRINERS.ORG (Shriners Hospital Research Unit)
SHRINERSORG (Shriners Hospital Research Unit)
SHRIVER.ORG (Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center)
SHRIVERORG (Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center)
SIAM.ORG (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
SIAMORG (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics)
SIGGRAPH.ORG (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics)
SIGGRAPHORG (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics)
SIL.ORG (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
SILORG (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
SIMNET.ORG (Society for Information Management)
SIMNETORG (Society for Information Management)
SINET.ORG (SINET Communications)
SINETORG (SINET Communications)
SIPA.ORG (Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association)
SIPAORG (Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association)
SITE.ORG (David Avery)
SKI.ORG (The Smith-Kettlewell Institute)
SKIORG (The Smith-Kettlewell Institute)
SLF.ORG (Organization name- Student Loan Funding)
SLFORG (Organization name- Student Loan Funding)
SLLUG.ORG (Salt Lake Linux Users Group)
SLLUGORG (Salt Lake Linux Users Group)
SLOAN.ORG (Sloan Foundation)
SLOANORG (Sloan Foundation)
SLRMC.ORG (St. Luke's Regional Medical Center)
SLRMCORG (St Luke's Regional Medical Center)
SME.ORG (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
SMEORG (Society of Manufacturing Engineers)
SOFTWARE.ORG (Software Productivity Consortium)
SOFTWAREORG (Software Productivity Consortium)
SPA.ORG (Software Publishers Association)
SPAORG (Software Publishers Association)
SPIE.ORG (SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering)
SPIEORG (SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering)
SPY.ORG (Computer Security Consulting)
SPYORG (Computer Security Consulting)
SRI.ORG (Southern Research Institute)
SRIORG (Southern Research Institute)
SSC.ORG (Sierra Student Coalition)
SSCORG (Sierra Student Coalition)
STONEMARCHE.ORG (Stonemarche Network CoOp)
STONEMARCHEORG (Stonemarche Network CoOp)
STRATEGIES.ORG (The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies)
STRATEGIESORG (The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies)
SUPER.ORG (IDA-Supercomputing Research Center)
SUPERORG (IDA-Supercomputing Research Center)
SVI.ORG (Smart Valley Incorporated)
SVIORG (Smart Valley Incorporated)
SVPAL.ORG (The Silicon Valley Public Access Link)
SVPALORG (The Silicon Valley Public Access Link)
T1.ORG (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Sols.)
T1ORG (Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Sols)
TAPR.ORG (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp.)
TAPRORG (Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Corp)
TASB.ORG (Texas Association of School Boards)
TASBORG (Texas Association of School Boards)
TCH.ORG (The Canned Ham)
TCHDEN.ORG (The Children's Hospital of Denver)
TCHDENORG (The Children's Hospital of Denver)
TCHORG (The Canned Ham)
TECHNOLOGY.ORG (Texas Innovation Network)
TECHNOLOGYORG (Texas Innovation Network)
TENNIS.ORG (Tennessee Aquarium)
TENNISORG (Tennessee Aquarium)
TERMFROST.ORG (Terminal Frost)
TERMFROSTORG (Terminal Frost)
TEXAS-ONE.ORG (Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC))
TEXAS-ONEORG (Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC))
TGSLC.ORG (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation)
TGSLCORG (Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation)
THEB.ORG (Total Healing and Energy)
THEBORG (Total Healing and Energy)
TIES.ORG (Ties Association)
TIESORG (Ties Association)
TIGR.ORG (The Institute for Genomic Research)
TIGRORG (The Institute for Genomic Research)
TLG.ORG (The Little Garden)
TLGORG (The Little Garden)
TMS.ORG (The Minerals, Metals, Materials Society Inc.)
TMSORG (The Minerals, Metals, Materials Society Inc)
TOGETHER.ORG (Together Foundation)
TOGETHEREUROPE.ORG (Tissot Economic Foundation)
TOGETHERORG (Together Foundation)
TOWER.ORG (The Tower)
TOWERORG (The Tower)
TRP.ORG (Telecomunications Radio Project)
TRPORG (Telecomunications Radio Project)
TSANET.ORG (TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network))
TSANETORG (TSANet (Technical Support Alliance Network))
UEN.ORG (Utah Educational Network)
UENORG (Utah Educational Network)
ULTIMA.ORG (Ultima Tool)
ULTIMAORG (Ultima Tool)
UN.ORG (United Nations)
UNDERNET.ORG (UnderNet IRC Services)
UNDERNETORG (UnderNet IRC Services)
UNDP.ORG (United Nations Development Programme)
UNDPORG (United Nations Development Programme)
UNICC.ORG (International Computing Centre)
UNICCORG (International Computing Centre)
UNICODE.ORG (Unicode, Inc.)
UNICODEORG (Unicode, Inc)
UNIFORUM.ORG (UniForum International)
UNIFORUMORG (UniForum International)
UNORG (United Nations)
USENIX.ORG (Usenix Association)
USENIXORG (Usenix Association)
USHMM.ORG (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
USHMMORG (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)
USP.ORG (US Pharmacoeial Convention)
USPORG (US Pharmacoeial Convention)
UWSA.ORG (United We Stand America Inc.)
VHDL.ORG (VHDL International)
VHDLORG (VHDL International)
VILLAGE.ORG (The Village Networking (Local Service Only))
VILLAGEORG (The Village Networking (Local Service Only))
VITA.ORG (Volunteers in Technical Assistance)
VITAORG (Volunteers in Technical Assistance)
VOID.ORG (void)
VOIDORG (void)
VOLLEYBALL.ORG (Volleyball WorldWide)
VOLLEYBALLORG (Volleyball WorldWide)
VRASP.ORG (Virtual Reality Alliance of Students and)
VTMEDNET.ORG (Medical Center Hospital of Vermont)
VTMEDNETORG (Medical Center Hospital of Vermont)
W3.ORG (World Wide Web Consortium)
W3ORG (World Wide Web Consortium)
W8HD.ORG (w8hd)
W8HDORG (w8hd)
WADSWORTH.ORG (Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research)
WADSWORTHORG (Wadsworth Center for Laboratories and Research)
WAP.ORG (Washington Apple Pi)
WAPORG (Washington Apple Pi)
WARHOL.ORG (The Andy Warhol Museum)
WARHOLORG (The Andy Warhol Museum)
WARIAT.ORG (Akademia Pana Kleksa, Public Acces UNI- Site)
WCC-COE.ORG (World Council of Churches)
WCC-COEORG (World Council of Churches)
WCHBOCES.ORG (Board of Cooperative Educational Services)
WELCOMEHOME.ORG (Colorado Legal Eagles)
WELCOMEHOMEORG (Colorado Legal Eagles)
WGBH.ORG (WGBH Education Foundation)
WGBHORG (WGBH Education Foundation)
WHO.ORG (World Health Organization)
WHOORG (World Health Organization)
WIMBLEDON.ORG (The Championships, Wimbledon)
WIMBLEDONORG (The Championships, Wimbledon)
WMH.ORG (MicroServe Information Systems)
WMHORG (MicroServe Information Systems)
WRLC.ORG (Washington Research Library Consortium)
WRLCORG (Washington Research Library Consortium)
X.ORG (X Consortium)
XC.ORG (CrossConnect)
XCORG (CrossConnect)
XENOS.ORG (Xenos Christian Fellowship)
XENOSORG (Xenos Christian Fellowship)
XFREE86.ORG (The XFree86 Project, Inc.)
XFREE86ORG (The XFree86 Project, Inc)
XORG (X Consortium)
ZEN.ORG (The Zen Internet Group)
ZENORG (The Zen Internet Group)
ZETS.ORG (The Zets)
ZETSORG (The Zets)
ZIPPY.ORG (Zippy Pronoia Tour)
ZIPPYORG (Zippy Pronoia Tour)

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