1998 Audi A6 owned by Michael Louis Scott



VIN#WAUAA24B3WN119324   4B24VA

Port of Entry, Houston, Texas   SA11025

1998 Audi A6 4 door sedan, Silver,   $33,750.00


16 inch Alloy Wheels 205/55 tires $225

Convenience Package $1500

Leather Seat Upholstery $1550

Subtotal: Factory Installed Options and Accessories $3,275

Destination Charge: $500

Total: $37,525.00

Dealer: 405A11 AUS

Reeves Import Motorcars, Inc.

Box 17737/11333 North Florida Ave.

Tampa, Florida  33612

EPA:  City MPG 17, Highway MPG 28

169 CID Engine

6 Cylinder, Fuel Injection

Automatic Transmission

Bought from Continental Motorcars, Inc.

509 East NASA Blvd.

Melbourne, Florida 32901

November 7, 1998

odometer reading 592 miles

Maintenance Record that I have, although since it was a new car, dealer maintenance was probably done the first few years.

11/05/2001, 18,222 miles, Continental Motors Lube and Oil change $60.05

08/15/2002, 23,672 miles, Morong, Portland, Maine, Vacuum line leak recall done under warranty, lube and oil change $30

04/21/2003, 28,945 miles, Tire Kingdom, Inc. Vero Beach, Florida, four Michelin Energy MXV4 Plus, 205/55HR16, 71970, 30,000 mile tires, new valve stems, wheel balence, thrust angle allignment , $704 total.

05/13/2003, 28,908 miles, Continental Motors, replaced CV boot, replace faulty speed sensor, replace valve cover gasket, $655 total.

06/25/2003, Guay's Sunoco, Kennebunkport, Maine, lube and oil change, $30

08/03/2003, Detail Auto Cleaning, Kennebunkport, Maine, complete interior and exterior cleaning, $146

06/17/2004, NAPA, Kennebunk, Maine,  new 8447 battery, $107

07/02/2004, 31,649 miles, Morong, Portland, Maine, 30,000 mile Audi Maintenance, oil, lube and filter change, brake fluid, air filter, filterelem, spark plugs, replace right outer CV boot, repair rear blinker, $1019 total.

08/27/2004, 32,601, Morong, Portland, Maine, replace front brake pads and rotors, two recalls fixed, replace rear view mirror $635 total.

07/14/2005, Executive Collisioni Center, lube, oil, and filter change, air filter, right wiper arm $112.

11/11/2005, Hi-Po Specialties, Elkins Park, Pa., replace timing belt, t belt tensioner roller, idler roller, water pump, sepentine belt, $767 total.

05/03/2006, H/P Specialties, replace tierod ends, fan clutch, rear brake pads, rear rotors, suction pump, replace torn vacuum lines, new wiper blades, $760 total.

08/22/2006, 48,500 miles, H/P, replace front brake hose, emissions check, flush brake system, inspect 50,000 mile service, lube, filter, and oil change, $358 total.

03/27/2007, 52,500 miles, H/P, lube, oil, and filter change, replace front brake pads, front rotors, install front brake components, coolant pipe,  replace upper front control arm and upper rear control arm, $728.

12/13/2007, 59,200 miles, replace right upper front and right upper rear arm and lower front arm, replace C/V shaft right and left sides, replace cabin air filter,  replace lower control arm, replace valve cover gasket, clean engine, lube, oil and filter change, $1,297 total.

12/21/2007, Flourtown, Pa. Car Wash, detail interior and exterior of Audi, $64

12/27/07, total cost of maintenance and service for two sets of relatives previously owning the Audi,

$7472 total


12/27/2007, total cost of 1996 Audi A6 to relatives to date including purchase price,

$44,997 total


12/27/2007, 59,333 miles, Michael Scott buys car from relative in Greenwich, Connecticut for $1

12/27/2007, 59,337 miles, Connecticut Emission Test Passed at 81 East Putnam Avenue Shell, Greenwich, Connecticut $20

12/27/2007, Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles transfer title and registration $55

12/27/2007, New Country Audi, buy front license plate frame $93 and install it myself.

12/29/2007, Gateway Auto Supply 2 quarts of Pennzoil 10W40 oil and a 12 ounce Gumout Concentrated fuel injection cleaner $10

12/29/2007, New Country Audi www.newcountry.com , free New Country Audi rear license plate frame and four short and four long rear license plate bolts free.  Install new rear license plate with two long license plate bolts.


3-in-1 SD/USB/MP3 Wireless In Car FM Transmitter for $19.99 and a

Kingston SD/1GB 1GB Secure Digital Card Kingston SD/1GBKR SD/1GBkr for $8.99

and $8 ground shipping for $36.98 total

November 2007 Kingston 1GB Secure Digital Memory Card (SD 1GB Card), Model SD/1GB for $14.65 less $5 off coupon with code "MMTOP5OFF" with free shipping for $9.65 total

01/07/08 three lug nut caps for my 1998 Audi A6 part # 3410C321-601-173-A-Z37 for $1.47 each and .26 tax for $4.67 total

03/25/08 Splash car wash after 6 P.M. car wash for $5

04/09/08 www.newcountryaudi.com service for two Audi recalls to replace the bright lights switch which could could cause a fire and to replace the throttle assembly which could free open at 5 degrees Fahrenheit, no charge.

04/10/08 two CVS - Weekly Store Ad Online Folding Quad Chairs in red for $7.99 each and .96 for $16.94 total.

04/11/08 Mavis | Discount Tires in Riverside 1-203-698-9599, and I got the passenger side front tire fixed which had gone flat with a puncture from the screw on the cap from the leg on one of the deck chairs and also a new valve stem and speed balancing and mounting for $19.95 and $1.20 tax for $21.15 total

04/21/08  59805 miles on odometer

05/29/08 1995-2001 Audi A6 - Stant Fuel Tank Cap for $20.05 and $5.50 shipping for $25.55 total, 59948 miles

06/10/08 Mavis Tires in Riverside, Connecticut 1-203-698-9599, I had to have the driver's side rear tire repaired, since it had a screw with a 3/4 inch diameter cap imbeded in the tire plus a new valve stem, speed balancing, and mounting for $19.95 and $1.20 tax for $21.15 total

11/05/08 Oil Star Oil Change and Filter Change and Fluid Check $54.40, 61,814 miles

11/17/08 AutoZone.com | Shopping | Parts | Product Detail - Battery 48-DL #031698 $89.99

$5 core charge

12 ounces of Gumout Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner $3.99

two quarts of Castrol GTX 10W-30 motor oil $3.99 each

7 ounces of Orange Hand Cleaner $1 with a roll of Scott mechanics' paper towels


tax $6.60

$116.55 total at 61,899 miles

Town of Greenwich, Connecticut property tax paid December 26, 2008 for the amount of $32.62

Gumout Fuel Injector Cleaner $3.18

Two Chistmas Tree Pine Scent cards $2.10, June 2009

Town of Greenwich, Connecticut property tax paid July 6, 2009 $36.26

EBay Motors Audi CD or DVD Service Manual that only works with Windows XP not Vista, $13.48, July 14, 2009

07/14/2009, Total Cost for Michael Scott to date

$579.38 total.


Oil Star Service package was $38.79, with an extra charge for 1.25 quarts more of Castrol 10W30 oil of $4.76, a disposal fee of $1.77, a Audi-VW oil filter part number 0418156 for $11, less $5 off discount coupon and $3.08 tax for $54.40.

The odometer reading was 64,928 miles.

They reset the oil light. The chassis is sealed.  Brake Fluid level is not accessible. Power Steering Fluid is OK. Transmission fluid is non accessible.  Battery fluid is maintenance free. Windshield Washer fluid is full. Engine Air Filter is OK.  Door hinges were lubed. Wipers are OK. Rear Differential Fluid is non accessible. Front differential fluid is non accessible. Coolant is OK. Tires pressure checked.

3M Silicone Paste (Dielectric Grease) for $16.99 and $9.95 shipping and $1.02 tax for $27.96 total, September 20, 2009 to lubricate window tracks.

two new Amazon.com: Bosch 422A ICON Wiper Blade - 22": Automotive for $17.96 each with free shipping and $15 mail in rebate https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/00/00/05/73/38/88/573388810.pdf for $35.92 before $15 rebate, October 1, 2009

December 31, 2009, Connecticut Emission test at Shell Station on East Putnam Avenue and Sherwood Place, test passed for fee of $20

February 4, 2010 Gumout Fuel Injector cleaner $3.17

June 22, 2010, Mavis Tire Company of Greenwich, Connecticut, 66115 miles Mavis | Discount Tires

four new Mavis Discount Tire | Goodyear Allegra 205/55HR16 $119.95 each

four computer balance package $9.99 each

four road hazard warranty $10 each

Sales Tax $33.60

$593.52 total.

10/22/10 Oil Star Service package was $38.79, with an extra charge for 1.25 quarts more of Castrol 10W30 oil of $4.76, a disposal fee of $1.77, a Audi-VW oil filter part number 0418156 for $9, two Chevron Pro Guard Fuel Injector Cleaner $15.98 less $5 off discount coupon and $3.92 tax for $69.92 total.

12/03/10 Connecticut Registration renewal online for $85 and good until January 20, 2013

12/26/10  Amazon.com: Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN OBD-II Scan Tool: Automotive for $22.35 and Amazon.com: Accutire MS-4021B Standard Digital Tire Gauge: Automotive for $8 with free shipping on a $25 order for $30.35 total, no computer errors when tested on the Audi around January 6, 2011

01/15/11 two Royal Pine air freshener for $2.11

06/02/11 one gallon of Prestone antifreeze $15.89

06/19/11, 2010 Greenwich, Connecticut Automobile Property Tax $39.10

10/18/10 Oil Star Service package was $40.53, with an extra charge for 1.25 quarts more of Pennzoil 10W30 oil of $4.76, a disposal fee of $1.77, a Audi-VW oil filter part number 0418156 for $9, less $5 off discount coupon and $3.24 tax for $54.30 total at 69,170 miles.

11/10/11 Connecticut Emissions test done for $20 at the Shell Gasoline station at East Putnam Avenue and Sherwood Place, 69262 miles.  Audi passed.

11/10/11 $1631.04 Total costs, since I have owned the Audi

11/10/2011, Total Cost for my relatives whom were previous owners and myself,

06/12/12, Washed and Waxed Audi with Dupont www.finaldetail.com car wax, and I also cleared the headlight lens with a polishing compound, $5

06/27/12, Property Tax to the Town of Greenwich, Connecticut $32.52

11/27/2012, renew Connecticut registration for two years $90, expire January 20, 2015

12/01/12 at 71,633 miles,  Oil Star Oil and Filter Change Service Package $40.53, 1.25 quarts of Pennzoil 10W-30 oil $4.76, Disposal Fee $1.77, five quarts of Pennzoil 10W-30 oil with service package, Audi oil filter (W93021) $9, two Pro Guard Fuel Injection Cleaner $15.98, Air Freshener vanilla $1.50, tax $4.67 for $78.21 total.   Recommend air and cabin air filters be replaced. 

http://www.jcwhitney.com/garage-pro-oe-replacement-cabin-air-filter/p3085708.jcwx?skuId=7551651&filterid=d75y1998g2 for $21.87 and a http://www.jcwhitney.com/air-filter-fram-extra-guard/p3039175.jcwx?filterid=d75y1998g2j1 for $16.84 less $2.19 with promo code "GIFTS4U" for $36.52 with free shipping, December 1, 2012, returned Fram CA 6545 air filter for $15.89 credit on December 14, 2012, installed cabin filter on December 8, 2012

Fram CA8080 Extra Guard Flexible Panel Air Filter : Amazon.com : Automotive for $17.57 with free shipping, December 14, 2012, installed December 23, 2012, at 71,710 miles

$47,182.85 total.

Audi waxed with www.finaldetail.com on September 21, 2013


Odometer Mileage on September 23, 2013, 73,615 miles

The two front automatic windows do not work, and they are currently kept permanently shut with boards inside the front door panels.   Estimated cost to repair both windows is $500.

The brake fluid needs to be replaced.

The tires need to be rotated.

Some of the LCD indicators do not work on the instrument panel cluster.


Sold to Carriage House Motors http://www.carriagehousemotorcars.com/ Greenwich, Connecticut for $1,750 September 30, 2013 at odometer about 73,670 miles give or take a few miles.