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info.htm, desc.htm, cat.htm, first1.htm, news1.htm, premier1.htm, quotes1.htm, search1.htm
a.htm through z.htm
a2.htm through z2.htm
001.htm through 153.htm, except 045.htm
audio.htm, news.htm, quotes.htm, search.htm, nytbc.htm, bookalph.htm, atlbeach.htm, dutchrad2.htm, ukradio.htm, weather.htm, iwfall98.htm, ibmfreq.htm, airforc1.htm, airforca.htm, airforce.htm, alphabetical.htm, army.htm, army001.htm, army002.htm, army003.htm, army004.htm, army005.htm, army006.htm, army007.htm, army008.htm, army009.htm, army010.htm, armycat.htm, armyhq.htm, armyhq01.htm, defense1.htm, deflink.htm, dod.htm, dod01.htm, dod02.htm, doddl.htm, marincat.htm, marine.htm, marine01.htm, marine01.htm, marine02.htm, marine03.htm, marine04.htm, marine1.htm,nasa002.htm, navy1.htm, navy2.htm, navyalph.htm, navycat.htm, navycat1.htm, ctweb.htm, greenw.htm, gwreal.htm
volcanoe01.htm, volcanoe02.htm, volcanoe03.htm,volcanoe04.htm, volcanoe05.htm, volcanoe06.htm, ibm01.htm, promo1.htm, promo2.htm, ibmhq.htm, weather.htm, scotwork.htm, olstore.htm, olstore2.htm, compline.htm, and coupon.htm . is an interactive groups of web browser homepages of about 73,000 alphabetized web sites in 183 different categories plus U.S.A. Department of Defense Directory.  As of 06/25/05 about 63,000 links in the directory still work.
Unzip into "drive:\scott"
open file "scotlist.htm" with one's web browser
one can set up "scotlist.htm" as one's web browser opening page, with Netscape (all versions) under Preferences, set up opening page with
assuming C is the drive and C:\scott is the directory of Scott's list this opening page string is similar in other web browsers
scott008 should work with all web browsers. is very useful for navigating the web particularly for first time users. Just open the files scotlist.htm from one's web browser and click onto the categories and sites one desires. is posted as freeware and it may be used on other web homepages to provide other links to the web. is updated as I have time.
I have incorporated lists from other sites on the internet, and given credit for those lists, by posting links at the tops of categories that are mostly composed from other lists. Scott's Internet Hotlist is deliberately not copywrited in hopes that users will feel free to post this work on other sites, and edit it if they feel the necessity. However, in due respect to Netiquette, I hope that the list will not be ever edited to include obscene or highly controversial links which the general user public would disapprove of.
Any feedback would be appreciated. Email comments to: Michael Scott

Enjoy surfing the net !

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