Primary Gigabyte Computer CMOS Settings:

Gigabyte GA-7VT600-RZ Socket 462 Motherboard:

With AMD Sempron 3300+ SDA3300DKV4E processor

With three PNY PC3200 one gigabyte memory strips


April 6, 2010


First Page:


IDE: Auto

Halt On: All, But Keyboard


Second Page: Advanced Bios Features

First Boot: HDD-0

Second Boot: Cdrom

Third Boot: Floppy

Password Check: System


Third Page:  Integrated Peripherals

On Chip Channel 0: Enabled

On Chip Channel 1: Enabled

AC97 Audio: Disabled

VIA Onboard LAN: Disabled

USB 1.1 Controller: Enabled

USB 2.0 Controller: Enabled

USB Keyboard Support: Enabled

USB Mouse Support: Enabled

On-Chip LAN Boot Rom: Disabled

Onboard Serial Port 1: Auto

Onboard Serial Port 2: Disabled

Onboard Parallel Port: Disabled

Game Port Address: Disabled

Midi Port Address: Disabled


Fourth Page: Power Management Setup:

ACPI Suspend Type: S3(STR)

USB Device Wake-Up From S3: Enabled

Power LED in S1 state: Blinking

Soft-Off by PWRBTN: Instant-Off

AC BACK Function: Soft-Off

Keyboard Power On: Keyboard 98

Mouse Power On: Enabled

PME Event Wake Up: Disabled

ModemRingOn/WakeOnLan: Enabled

Resume by Alarm: Disabled



Fifth Page: PnP/PCI Configurations:

PCI1: Auto

PCI2: Auto

PCI3: Auto

PCI4: Auto


Sixth Page: PC Health Status:

Reset Case Open Status: Disabled

CPU Fan Fail Warning: Enabled

SYSTEM FAN Fail Warning: Enabled


Seventh Page: Frequency/Voltage Control:

Spread Spectrum Modulated: Disabled

CPU Host Clock Control: Enabled

CPU Host Frequency (Mhz): 184

PCI/AGP Frequency (Mhz): 33/66

DRAM Clock (Mhz): 266 (MHz)

CPU OverVoltage Control: Auto

AGP OverVoltage Control: Auto

DIMM OverVoltage Control: Auto


Final Page: Save & Exit Setup: