Merry Christmas 2007 and Happy New Years

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This past year I have managed to keep busy with my regular computer and internet activity.  I spent a good deal of time using and testing the Microsoft beta products.  I have continued my normal routines of taking exercise walks downtown on a regular basis.  With the higher prices of fuel I am not driving too much.  I had my Volvo flooded in the storms in April, and I am now replacing my current vintage Buick wagon with a newer Audi sedan.  Thus I have spent a bit of time tinkering with cars.  I drove up to Kennebunkport, Maine to visit with relatives three times this past summer, and I kept busy helping out around the house up there.  My apartment here in Greenwich is comfortable enough, and I spent a great deal of time maintaining it when not working on the computers.  I did not make it out to the beach except a few times this past summer.  My relatives are doing well, and I stay in contact with them.  Locally with the higher prices of fuel, one sees more local people downtown, and at night it is not very busy anymore.  The year seems to have flown by very fast.  It is just starting to get colder, and I am adjusting to the colder weather once again.  In fact I am so use to colder weather; I tend to stay by the air conditioning in the summer, since I have a hard time adjusting to the heat.  They are building a new public safety building in downtown Greenwich, and there are a few new shops downtown.  It seems more people than ever are exercise walking, and I am seeing more local people whom I have not seen in a long time.  I do not go the thrift shops much anymore, since there is not much that I need anymore.  I did improve my over computer setup this past year with some newer equipment.  Besides visiting Kennebunkport, Maine, I also visited Long Island for a Microsoft conference, where I saw quite a few people whom I had not seen in a long time.  I constantly read the technology information and the news.  I do not pay much attention to the political news anymore.   The local economy seems to be in a mild downturn with the housing slump, but people seem to be managing to get by.  Since I live a mile from Greenwich Avenue where I walk regularly, I tend to see more people on a regular basis than someone whom might live further out of town.  The downtown area of Greenwich has a lot of new expensive housing on the side streets.  To save fuel, I do not drive down by the waterfront as much anymore, but the view across Long Island Sound has the cleanest air that I have seen ever in this area.  I do not see as much aviation traffic anymore.  The prices of everything seems to be sky rocketing along with the price of fuel, so I have to watch my budget more closely.   Since I was fortunate to travel quite a bit when I was younger, I feel content staying at home most of the time, and I do not feel the need to take off to far away destinations.  I am seeing fewer visitors anymore, but with the internet, we can monitor what happens in other areas of the world more easily.  While in Kennebunkport, Maine this summer I did attend Church with the Bush family, and I was there when the President of France was there.  My family members are still keeping busy with their various activities around the country, and I try to stay in touch with them as much as possible.  I still monitor the weather and volcanic activity on the internet, but this past year the tropical weather and volcanic activity seems to have been reduced.  I have been eating a more simplistic diet; however I still weigh about 200 pounds, so I am always trying to lose 10 or 20 pounds. To save energy, I put in energy saving light bulbs, and I use tower fans to blow the heat and air conditioning around the apartment.  I also only go downtown half as much or less.  My two web sites have the details of my activity as I pursue it.  I suppose my relatives in the warmer regions of the country are seeing more people from up north trying to escape the cold, but I have plenty of winter clothes to stay warm.  Since so many people go south, we tend to have enough reserve energy up north during the winter.

Merry Christmas 2007 and Happy New Years,

Michael Louis Scott