Mocha Frappucinno

I took my 12 cup Cuisine Art coffee machine,

I added 14 machine cups of cold filtered water or enough to run the complete full water container through 2.5 times to make a gallon container mixture

I put a coffee filter in the basket

I added ten coffee scoops of my regular coffee  and hazelnut blend which 26 ounces of Folgers coffee and 12 ounces of hazelnut coffee and another seven coffee scoops of hazelnut blend

I started up the machine.

While doing that I took a gallon Rubbermaid jug, and I added six tablespoons of Nestle Nesquick to the jug and three quart packages of powdered milk and 10 packets of Equal sweetener

Optional three tablespoons of Kahlua

Once the coffee was ready I used a measuring cup to dispense and add the coffee to the jug.

I then shook it up with lid on. 

I then ran another 14 machine ups of water through the coffee machine or enough to fill a gallon jug, and I added it to the jug.

I shook it up a bit, and I placed it in the refrigerator to cool down

It makes four quarts of my own Mike's mocha frappucinno iced coffee.