Michael Louis Scott's Comments to Taft School New York Times Reporter

I knew George Nichols back in 1974, he was supposed to be an assistant editor of the New York Times, but they thought my viewpoint from Connecticut was not worth while. When I was at the CBS broadcast center, the New York Times would sell out every morning by 7 A.M, but Walter Cronkite said a half hour news broadcast was only two and a half columns of the New York Times. The former editor of the New York Times used to attend the First Presbyterian Church in Greenwich. When I chatted with Punch's son, he told me was only getting $75 a week before taxes, when CBS was paying me $85 a week before taxes. What can a low income writer write without being sued. Think about it. My French languages skill were not good enough to work for the International Herald Tribune in Europe. While in Europe I did enjoy reading the classified ads in the International Herald Tribune. From my research from a friend that spoke six different languages, a lot of the Intelligence people in Europe used to network out of Harry's Bar in Venice for some odd reason. In the early 1970s, I used to drive into Manhattan from Greenwich, and I would pick up the early morning addition of the New York Times at a news stand at 54th street and Second Avenue and meet with a few friends and drive back out before rush hour traffic. However, when in Manhattan, I never spent anytime around Times Square, because it did not seem safe. I am still wandering if the Taft family in America might be from the Tait family in England, since in Colonial Times an f and i in script looked the same. At Lake Forest College, I got through a lot of information, because I took the Evelyn Wood Speed Reading course my first term Freshman Year. The R.R. Donnelly Publishing company there that donated the library was supposed to publish two million publications world wide including Time Life in America. While around Cambridge, Harvard Square had a newsstand with over a hundred different language publications. Myles McGough was living there with Lisa Halaby before she became Queen Nord of Jordan. He once gave away 24 Doberman puppies in Harvard Square. He also was part of a commune near St. Johnsbury, Vermont; where they restored Liberty Ship hatch covers. Remember in Money although Bank of New York Mellon has $26 trillion in custody accounts, those cheap Yankees in Boston have $17 trillion in custody accounts at State Street Trust. Although Harvard is supposed to have $40 billion in their Endowment, I have seen that number of the last few years vary by tens of billions of dollars on the internet. The Wordworth library is supposed to have 20 million volumes, but the University of Illinois two campuses have 60 million volumes, and a classmate of my father's Scotty Reston used to also write for the "Grey Lady". In keeping people private, I learned from the Nantucket Inquirer Mirror, only talk about the wall paper in the airport. I also took typing in the summer at Eastern Middle school here in Greenwich, when I was 16. My last roommate in Manhattan could type 186 words a minutes for Cyrus Vance after he was secretary of state, and now his son is the District Attorney in Manhattan. I used to have lunch at the Chase Plaza on Wall street with two thousand lawyers, when one of two sisters worked for Cravath Swaine and Moore and the other one worked for Davis Polk Wardwell. It seems my fathers' first wife's family started the Northwestern University Law school thought. My words of advise to any future lawyers is that law books cost a lot of money, and if one reads old out of date law books, they may not be relevant. Justice Roberts went to Harvard, but when he was born his father worked for Bethlehem steel in Buffalo, and our old classmate now diseased Mabon Childs was related to the Frick family. Of somebody named Tom Scott organized the Standard Oil Trust and his telegraph operator was Andrew Carnegie. He used the Warburg bank from Germany to finance his business ventures with William K. Vanderbilt. However, all of that is lost in History. Michael Louis Scott, Esquire.

I forgot to mention, when I once used the Hoovers computer at the Greenwich Library before the internet, I said Fidelity Management in Boston owned five percent of every Fortune 500 company and somebody named Donaldson was managing it. We did have a Donaldson ahead of my class. Maybe he was the manager. Another web site says the Rothschild family are worth $200 trillion, but Geoffrey Rothschild Hoguet has not replied to my inquiry. A friend that attended the Brooks school in New Haven and has a medical degree claims the Rothschild family are managing their empire from some remote ship in the world at sea. I am not bullish on diamonds since they are carbon and can burn. Other precious metals only melt. The person that I knew in Manhattan that said Harvard had a punch of idiots had access to the Morgan Library in Manhattan, and the last time I actually spoke with him he was reading five hundred year old books in Chinese and said he was working for Mrs. Vanderbilt in Newport. The he supposedly died near Biltmore House in North Carolina. His parents has the mansion on Brooklyn Heights next to J. P. Morgan's so maybe they were connected. With people whom are friends of Euro Trash with good educations, it is sort of hard to tell what the real truth is. Sometimes people just get bored and go somewhere else for a change. MLS

Point of Fact: 25 percent of the world's population cross international borders every year. 85% of the United States population is on the internet and 75% have high speed connections. However, I learned while exploring Florida, cheap retired people like using old black and white televisions with antennas mostly for the local reports for what they are worth. To be honest I pay $271 a month to Cablevision for $136 for Cable television, $120 for high speed internet, and $35 for unlimited world wide long distance. In the real economy in the long run that might be what one might invest for other long term activities. It is like I am having to pay to work. MLS

When I attended Taft, I was some what frail, so I did not play many sports, and I would just sit in the library with KLH headphones and read the periodicals. Since at my time at Taft, we were not allowed to watch television except on Saturday night at a master's apartment and no radios were allowed either. I also know something about the Taft School that nobody else there seems to know, but I put it out of my mind. The only one that might know the same thing if he is still around there is Professor of Latin Rick Davis whom before Taft tutored on the King Ranch in Texas. MLS

One has to remember the alumni living in more remote parts of this country and the world regard us locals with suspicion. While at Taft, I learned from classmates from area called Lattington, Long Island there was a private cloistered monetary out there for the Anglican church like the church on the Watertown Green, and from what little I know about European history, all I could figure out when out there, they might have been some of the Duke of Windsor's former contacts, when he visited out there. For some reason President Taft started the English Speaking Union and also was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, so maybe some fat men like him at 350 pounds know something I do not know. MLS

Also Madam Chaing Khai Chek used to live in Lattington, Long Island and the Russian consulate is nearby too. I think David Maxwell was from Lloyd's Neck, he might sort it out. There is another more established Scott family in Lloyd's Neck that I came up with. The original Scott family on Long Island owned all of Long Island and sold it around 1700 and moved to Jamaica which was supposed to be more profitable. A Captain Scott also discovered South Hampton. I am from the branch of the Scott family that arrived here in 1724. However, my paternal grandmother's Gard family arrived here around 1620 and founded York, Maine known as the George's Plantation. Thus after all of these years, I am probably now the only member of the family in North America. There is also a Scott Library at York University outside of Toronto, I have visited a few times. It used to be opened 24 hours a day except Christmas. The world's largest travel bookstore is also in downtown Toronto, next to an outdoor ice skating rink. They are big on hockey in Canada too. Both Toronto and Montreal have from 20 to 40 miles of underground street, so you do not have to get cold in the winter. I think I might have hung out with Prime Minister Trudeau's friends in Manhattan, when he was a youth living there with his mother. MLS

I was advised by our local security people and some Federal Security people 36 years ago to quit traveling, since the Security was costing a lot more than the trip. Even at the Winter Olympics in France, when one sees fifty thousand security people with Uzi machine guns, it seems that is a bit costly even though 2.5 billion people watched it on television. Basically it seems some people with influence let me visit some places, they do not want to be bothered with from their arm chair comfort. Well Mabon Childs, when he produced our year book voted me the biggest chimney in the glass, and I am still smoking cheap cigar cigarettes and looking at the smog at night. In the Canary Islands in some place like Lanzarote, one can see millions of stars out there in the galaxy that we do not see in Urban areas. MLS

Comment on how things might have changed nearby at Yale. When I returned back east after Lake Forest college in 1972, I read in the New York Times that 25% of Yale's endowment was in McDonald's stock. When I thought about attending the new Nelson Rockefeller and Henry Ford school of Government and Business on High Street at Yale in the autumn of 1975, I did not eat for a week, and I slept on a red couch in the basement of the Yale law school. Another time while visiting the Yale law school, I saw someone from Illinois showing up for breakfast when the cafeteria first opened early, when none of the other students showed up for hours later. Another time at the Yale law school, I saw for mayor of New York City John Lindsay lecture on Ethics, and only a few students showed up. The Owl tobacco shop across the Taft Hotel in New Haven supposedly has closed. In colonial days, the American Intelligence agents were all tobacco buyers around the world. James Angleton had the same look at my grandfather, so maybe he has a relative at Yale that looks like me. I did stay for a week at the Colony Hotel near the Yale Campus in February 1983, and I met Sergeant Shriver, and the campus was closed, and while walking around the campus, somebody that looked like Cornell Ross told me it was not save to walk around the Yale campus at night which I thought was sort of absurd after all of the walking around New York City at night that I did. Frequently at the Sterling Library, I only saw Asian students particularly on weekends. Possibly word got around, I once had a job in Cambridge as a research photographer. From what I know Elihu Yale was rich from India. I once found a small book in the Greenwich Hospital Thrift shop listing the first two hundred years of missionaries from Yale. I sent it down to the Bush white house. I do not drive too far anymore, so I do not get to see other areas. MLS

I have set for on the Taft campus three times since graduation. For my first and tenth reunions, and I once stopped by quickly off Interstate 84 while driving east, and I saw Mr. Snow coming out the front door. U.S. Time was in Watertown, and the supposedly made the cameras for Polaroid, and I have wandered if they all made the cameras for the CIA black bird spy plane. Remember, when I attended Taft they were building Interstate 84. MLS

One of my contacts in Oyster Bay, Long Island was the mother of the largest highway contractor in America out of Houston. Thus when I drove across America in a cheap $150 Subaru I bought out on Nantucket from Dillon, Colorado, I learned Howard Hughes designed the original Subaru based on aviation. She also was the head trustee of Vassar College, and she chatted about the Blizzard of 1882, when New York City had 15 feet of snow when Kracatoa blew up. I have contacts with the largest Waste Management company in America and one knew a friend of the Aga Khan from Sao Paulo. My original web site thirty years ago was at Ohio State Scott Amudsen Polar Research Center. I have a pen pal from there in Denmark, and he is supposed to be my Coastal observer in case the Russian fleet ever sails by between Denmark and Sweden. I did take Russian studies at Lake Forest College, and they have various year plans that they try to carry out. What has me concerned that is not in the media, is that the NASA satellite photo of the world at night shows a big build up of light in Northwestern Australia, Northwestern India, and up in Northern most Artic Russia where that five hundred mile long inlet is where supposedly only fifty thousand people live, it looks like there are over ten million people which could have built a huge fleet of submarines or ships ready to sail when needed. Maybe NASA faked the photo. A friend from Yale who has traveled to most every country in world and around this country claims there is nothing worth invading the United States for, but still I am not keen on working in a gulag salt mine, if it ever did happen. MLS

Also when I was in Santa Cruz, California at their university, I listened to a tape of Ernest Hemingway talking about the Fifth Columnists in Madrid before the Spanish revolution, and he said there were four columns surrounding the City ready to take over. One has to remember, he was actually there as a Red Cross driver and writer. MLS

The old Key West network besides the U.S. Navy was also had a lot of Pan American aviation people that had a bit of first hand experience. Howard Hughes' TWA people were in Fort Lauderdale too. The last time I visited Fort Lauderdale in October 1983, I saw five thousand tall white people. The teenagers were over 6 foot 6 inches tall and the adults were over seven feet tall, and in the Bahia Mar Yacht Club, there was an eight foot tall oil portrait of the Five Star General Omar Bradley. I gave the security guy there two cartons of Marlboro's and I took off to visit my father in Tampa, and I gave him a Coors beer before back to mom and back up north to Nantucket. After living in a metropolitan area, and traveling a bit, I am just good at blending in. MLS

In the old days in Decatur, Alabama around 1958, when I was eight years old and it was hot outside. I would sit inside our air conditioned house where they had the cheapest electricity in the United States and read the World Book and the Encyclopedia Britannica. I guess living near NASA, they thought I was getting too smart, so we were transferred up north for a more formal education. I even wrote a letter to Helen Keller in Brail telling her that the locals were going to assassinate President Kennedy knowing the local post office would censor the mail. One can send a secret message by writing with lemon juice which looks like a blank sheet of paper, but when one hold the paper up to a light bulb the lemon juice writing turns brown. I think I know the person to the right of Steve in the picture. He is supposed to be in Fort Meyers, and he prefers cold weather coming from Canada and Vermont. He is like a French Canadian Indian. American Indians do not bother reading the New York Times, they just send up Smoke Signals or Beat the Drums, if you get my drift. We worked at Christ Church doing maintenance and seemed to have common sense a bit like Abraham Lincoln. MLS

Normally I stayed up all night, so I need anther instant coffee out of my Greenwich Hospital Thrift shop plastic insulated Starbucks cup, when they first opened here. My friend from Brazil is supposed to be working for the Brazilian tourist authority before his email address quit working two years ago, after he bought a Ford Escort. He also worked for Trans Brazilian Airlines worldwide and spoke a number of languages. His family is supposed to own a coffee plantation and a grocery store. He has not contacted me in over 33 years except three times, and somebody in Danbury is supposed to be in charge of his advertising. Coffee Break. MLS

Basically with all my internet activity and expenses, I no long have the Time for the New York Times. I used to get their email for free with a dozen news stories, but they quit giving that away about two years ago. The Scott family have been in around Manhattan for four hundred years, so they are not going away. Two Scott family members had farms in Manhattan in 1700, but no sons, but one daughter married into the Jay family, so the Scott family property became the Jay family property. In my research one of Lord Mountbatten's top people in India was from the Scott family. Also the Duke of Buceluc, the Queen Mum's page is from the Scott family, and he is supposed to be the largest private land owner in England with more property than the Royal family. What is interesting I have never visited the United Kingdom, but most of Western Europe. In my research I came up with another Michael Scott born the same year as myself in 1950, and he shows up on the Cunard Ship listing of having sailed from London to Manhattan every year of his life, so he must be somewhat established, and maybe that was the confusion with me around the Jet Set in Manhattan. My father knew Ian Fleming in the Bahamas. On July 5, 1976; I was in the receiving line at Bloomingdales for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip; but I was just ushered off the street, when I was walking around that area after party all night in the piece suit on the waterfront around the Tall Ships. I had been living in Greenville, South Carolina for six months, so they had not seen me around in a while. I think the interest back then was since Jerry Ford had become President from Grand Rapids, Michigan and my mother was from nearby in Holland, Michigan; they let me show up dressed up in some public events, and even the day before; I stood in front of everyone in Battery Park, and my mother and her Greenwich friends were at the pent house at Chase Plaza viewing it from there. I am not used to crowds, and being frequently on a night schedule when around Manhattan, I did not see all of the daytime activity. Before my room mate had me move out when it was minus 26 degrees Fahrenheit in February 1982 after Mount St. Helens had blown up making it colder, I had been walking by the Dakota the night John Lennon was shot after chatting with the Secret Service the day Ronald Reagan first showed up at the Waldorf after being elected. A person I knew at Design observations had his shop girl murdered. Also in that period, I read about Chris Bonner that looked like me being shot dead in the afternoon on Third Avenue. When I finally quit driving into Manhattan around 1992, I had been mugged at night by a preppy from Exeter with a 15 inch gravity knife for no reason, so I figured I was getting old and slow. I did continue to spend non stop time around the clock on Greenwich Avenue here in Greenwich until the Cornavirus. A number of the locals out here seemed to think I looked like Peter Jennings from ABC. Time to sign off. I think Michael Sandifer still thinks I am a Nazi, because when I visited Tommy Cookman at Brown University I was driving the 1951 Adenauer Mercedes that I restored. The most famous royal that I have chatted without here in the last 36 years was Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden when she asked me directions to the hotel on the waterfront, when for a long time I was a wharf rat on the pier on Steamboat Road near where President Trump lived here. I only saw him the first Sunday he moved here, and he was walking across the bottom of Greenwich Avenue coming from the Greenwich Cigar store carrying the Sunday New York Times, and my old Volkswagen Dasher had bad breaks, and I almost ran him over, when he walked in front of me. There used to be a 150 Yacht at the hotel on the waterfront called the Ivana out of Georgetown in the Cayman Islands. Also Steve from Westport used to always be on the pier on Steamboat Road with the truck that delivered the daily New York Times as well as Mayer Lansky's nephew that lived in Bill Clinton's neighborhood. Even, one of my neighbors in public housing used to be a chef at the Round Hill Club and claims he was one of John Gotti's bodyguards. Basically on local person from England that knew some of my father's people was David Heron. When I first met him at the Greenwich Library, he told me Scott keep what you are doing, and you are not supposed to know what is going on and stay focused and get a hair cut when you can afford it. He also told me David the Duke of Windsor was an idiot, but in this network of old guard, he seems to have been a key figure that people were aware of. So much for history. MLS

Basically when I returned to Manhattan from Boston and Illinois in January 1973, I stayed briefly at the Waldorf Towers with General Hurley's grandson. While having a cigarette at St. Barthamew's church patio across the street, I saw someone that looked like the Duke of Windsor that supposedly had died the June before entering the Waldorf Towers from a grey Buick sedan with chauffeur. All I can figure it out is that it might have been Billy Baldwin the decorator that looked like him. General Hurley was FDR's ambassador at larger during World War II and the first American General to deal with Mao Tse Tung when he was a house painter before he started putting up propaganda signs. Later I lived with my sister new Gracie Mansion on East 89th Street Job hunting. In that period I was using Chairman of the Board's office of Combustion Engineering one floor above British Airways on Park Avenue, so I might have looked British. That June 1973 after I lost my job at CBS at the Broadcast center, I moved back in with my family in Greenwich. While at CBS, I used occasionally have a cocktail at the Oak Bar at the Plaza Hotel, and I saw a lot of the key Watergate figures there. It was a live feed so their was no production at CBS. I did see a French aircraft carrier off load several thousand French seaman on West 57th Street, and I learned the AT&T building at 54th street and Eighth Avenue was nuclear bomb proof. That October when I lost my waiter's job at Boodles, I read in the Arts and Leisure section of the New York Times about a party of the Museum of Modern Art, and the bartender was from the Hamilton family. Another article lead me to the Le Jardin discothèque near Times Square, and I met Fred Von Mierers and his jet set friends. The following week, he showed up in the Eugenia Shepard Society column shaking hands with Nelson Rockefeller at some society event, so I figured he had some sort of connection. He let me use his apartment occasionally from October 1973 to February 1975. I met a lot of people. The most famous government official was probably Albert Lillienthal that headed the TVA. I also met Kip Forbes. Fred's best friend was on the second page of the New York Time every day modeling for Paul Stewart. His name was Joe Mac Donald from Chicago, which was Henry Ford's wife's maiden name. The Ford Foundation was two blocks south of Fred's apartment. He was supposed to take over Billy Baldwin's business with Taylor Sterling the architect from Greenwich. He had me at the Anaberg apartment on East End Avenue and Barbara Rockefeller's and his lawyer William Polk Cary. With the airline personnel in that area, there were a lot of people traveling all of the time. Helen Kress Williams from Oyster Bay was his godmother. She seemed to know a lot of people and had me at the head table at the Opera Guild and at Carnegie Hall sitting behind Stewart Mott. I once took Helen to private party in Times Square over looking Times Square on New Years Eve which was sort of chaotic, but I found a parking place nearby. When a classmate from Lake Forest related to Governor Harriman visited I was towed off Beekman Place and had to pay a $200 fine before picking him up. Another time when parking on Beekman Place, eighty burly men came out of a town house next to me spraying machine guns in the air, and their was no security response. I learned the General Macarthur's wife was living at the Waldorf Towers, so I kept an eye on the hotel, and even chatted with a bit at George H. Bush's inaugural. I had a job interview with General Pershing's grandson at Mac Arthur and company on Wall Street, but I did not get the job. Just a lot of time walking around in circles in Manhattan. I did learn to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for free in bad weather. I found a cheap lunch at Rockefeller University. I did throw a large party in a warehouse across from the Broadcast center before I departed in February 1975 back to Greenwich. I also lived briefly for a couple of months with two Yale graduated in Chelsea who were connected with Andy Warhol's factory. A neighbor was a good friend of my brother in law. The neighbor was from the Mellon family, so the neighborhood became more upscale. There was easy parking in that area, but not much to walk around. When I returned back to Manhattan in December 1980, it was to stay with a friend's mother on West 74th street. I walked her Doberman and white German Shepard. The banks were up scaling the area. I would walk through Central Park and go to the Metropolitan Museum for free. I once saw my roommate entering there for a reception dressed up for Andwar Sedat, so I figured she was leading a double life living at the Carnegie Tower too. She looked like the actress Lauren Becal that lived in our neighborhood at the Dakota. I would also visit Greenwich Village in the evening which is less crowded. Apparently Sidney Biddle Barrows the Mayflower Madam lived two doors away from us, but I just noticed good looking women coming and going in limousines. A private boy's school was behind us. Just a lot more walking, and I did not even have winter coat, so I finally bought a street parka for $5 with Columbia University's colors on it. I think in the pub behind the Natural History Museum Columbia University students were there along with a token black called Obama. The pub in Greenwich Village was across the street from Ed Koch's apartment with lots of NYU students. Before being secretary to Cyrus Vance, my room made had been secretary to the dean of New York University school of business. That is where I chatted with Punch Salsburger's son complaining he only made $75 a week. I hated places where the music was so loud, people could not talk, but they were free. I think some of the people did not know English anyway. So after a little traveling around, I have been back in Greenwich for 36 years. I did used to buy the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and the Greenwich Time every day, but when I figured out it was costing me over a thousand dollars a year, I gradually switched to the internet. The Tuesday New York Times had the Science section which I liked. My mother and elder sister still read it in remote locations. Peter Brant here in Greenwich supposedly supplies the newsprint for the New York Times, but it is never available for free in the Greenwich library. On one more recent trip to Manhattan for dinner about twenty years ago, I met an Ema MacDonald whose family had the land grant for Western Canada and lived on East 54th street in Noel Coward's building where Ted Kennedy had an apartment, and she lived having cocktails nearby at Billy's chatting with the sports editor of the New York Times. She looked like the Queen Mum. My last trip to Manhattan was about sixteen years ago for a Microsoft conference. I took pictures of a slow Manhattan on a winter morning. On the way out in Grand Central Station, I saw Prince Charles and the Prime Minister of England looking at the remodeled grand central station with two thousand men in suits that all looked like Prince Andrew, so it is a fairly common look. Having been a professional photographer, I am not that blind, but I was told to keep my focus. MLS

I think in the fall of 1973, I knew two people from CBS that also worked at Daly's pub at 59th street and First Avenue. The Ford Modeling people were always there. I attended John Lindsay's going away party there. I met Ernest Hemingway's nephew there just out of school in Switzerland, and he supposedly ended up at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. One of the two waiter's had an uncle who was the head of neurology at Sloan Kettering. The other waiter from CBS was from Indiana raised by George Bernard Shaw's mistress, the youngest of four brothers and his family owned the lime stone quarry that the National Cathedral and St. John the Devine is being built from and probably a lot of other government limestone buildings. I never spent too much time walking around Sutton Place, because I always would see Walter Cronkite, and I treated him like he was still my boss, since my mother used to sail with him, so I covered other parts of Manhattan. However, sometimes in the early morning hours, I would walk to the little park on East 57 street and sit looking at the East River with the copy of Medici boar statue in the park. I later found out that Joe DiMaggio and Marylyn Monroe lived in the white brick house on the north side of the park. Around 1974, I attended an Art Gallery opening on East 74th street, where I saw Governor Harriman. I also had dinner once with his niece at the River Club, and when she died she left $65 million to the Santa Fe Art Museum of American Art. Of course the other family members were not happy. I think her brother I met at Harriman's estate in Sands Point might still be involved in the Union Pacific and Brown Brothers Harriman. Averill Harriman's' younger brother might also be a relative of my stepfather now diseased. He actually ran everything. All Averill Harriman's sister's son talked about was Conservation and Ducks Unlimited. However, the founder of Ducks Unlimited was my friend's father's roommate at Harvard William McCormick Blair who was also the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of little old Lake Forest College. My friend looks like Tony Blair the former Prime Minister of England whom I have seen in Greenwich, and back during the famous ice storm in New Canaan in 1980, I drove into Manhattan, and I met someone on East 54th Street that looked like Tony Blair, and I drove him out to New Canaan and back, and he only drank a glass of milk, and told me he was Danish, so it also is a fairly common look. Henry Kissinger lived on East 54th street near the River club with a Belgium block driveway in front of his apartment building that also had camouflage hair dressers. Greta Garbo who also worked British Intelligence during World War II lived across the street. When I was asked to move out in February 1982, when it was minus 26 degrees below zero, I met a Vogue employee who lived above a church, and he introduced me to Greta Garbo's next door neighbor. He also introduced me to two British Brothers name Michael and Louis who owned the pent house in Noel Coward's building. They traveled and a month later, when I saw them in Key West, they had been to Maui, Acapulco, and Brazil and were so darkly tanned, they looked African British. The constant joke in Florida in 1976, when I first visited down there was, The Swedes tan so dark, they are going to have a hard time getting a drink in Georgia. That same time in Key West, I got fourth degree sun burn, and I met the head of dermatology from Columbia University, and he told me I should stay out of the direct sun for the rest of my life. When I was down there around Mel Fisher's people between 1976 and 1978, I read the New York Times in the Monroe County Library, and it printed that Mel Fisher's dive expedition was 50% funded by Columbia University and Dartmouth College as Venture Capitalists, but I never read about them getting any money. One fried in Manhattan that I saw around frequently and in Key West and in Oslo, Norway and visited our house here in Greenwich with a W. Bush look a like from the University of Houston looked like a tall Mick Jaeger, an his name was Richard, but I never got his last name, and he told me he was from Norwalk and new Richard Bissell the author and play write looks like the Crown Prince of Norway, so maybe I got Norwalk and Norway mixed up. All I know is that he went to Dartmouth College. Dartmouth has a program, where they give a student $5 and send down to Manhattan for a while, and then they have to write a paper about it, when they get back. It is sort of like the British version of Outward Bound. While camping out down south Lord Baton Powell's grandson showed up in Key West. MLS

I forgot to mention in the three to fourth months that I was at the CBS broadcast center on West 57th street doing the paper work for the commercials, I lived in a $35 a week room on West 9th Street, and there was a pub nearby where some of the CBS people would frequent. It seems the music division had a bit of money, but the news division is just something they did that did not make money. On $85 a week before taxes with $35 rent a week and 35 cent subway fares, I would eat lunch at the CBS cafeteria where I only recognized Mr. Green Jeans for obvious reasons and Michael Thomas. A lot of the news people were from the Columbia University school of Journalism and the local news channel was very competitive with the National News channel. My office was next to 60 minutes and after work I would go in the little room across from me with three big televisions and watch the news. The evening news was recorded a half hour earlier, and broadcast from the recording and only life if there was some update of mistake. They were actually computerizing the broadcast system, when I was there. I learned Proctor and Gamble owned all of the soap operas, an Fred's friend had something to do with Tide out there in Oyster Bay. I guess Bill Paley also lived in Manhasset which I was around with my friend's family. We used to read Billboard trade magazine to see what was going in the business. They told me they had one correspondent in China, they had not heard from in 40 years. At the time CBS research was on High Ridge Road in Stamford. The person that got me the job is still alive at 103 and was the President of the Creative Play Things division previously having been President of Radio Shack. He is from Wisconsin, so his family made a lot of investment money selling cheese. He even once had dinner with Pope John Paul II, since he is very religious.

On a minor point, the only two times I chatted with President Trump when he was not in Politics was first during the end of May 1992 around the time of West Point graduation. I was out walking and sitting at the south west picnic area of Tod's Point beach here in Greenwich, and I was shot at by a sniper with high powered rifle. There was an orange target marker at the base of the tree I walked by the bark from the limb above was shot off. When I investigated the police and other people would not believe me. There were rifle holes in the no clamming signs. In frustration I called up the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, and their security put me through to President Trump who at the time lived on the waterfront in Indian Harbor here in Greenwich, where a relative once lived. I think he had one of those devices to tell if one is telling the truth, because the following week, he moved away from the house on the waterfront. I was told many years later some sort of militants like going to Captain's Island off Byram and taking shots at people at Tod's Point. I have contacted all of the usual law enforcement agencies with no result. At the time George W. Bush was on a campaign swing in this area, so I might have been mistaken for him. Also JFK Jr. was a regular jogger out at Tod's Point. The only other time I chatted with President Trump was about ten years ago, after I had dinner in Kennebunkport with the wife of the head sports broadcast in New York City, and she was trying to sell here 250 acre chicken farm in Alpine, New Jersey. I just called the internet telephone number www.trump.com , and he answered the telephone himself. I guess he already had a place in New Jersey. So much for History. MLS