Michael Louis Scott's Coleslaw recipe

I got out my Cuisine Art. I used the shredding blade, and I shredded the five pound cabbage, and I put it in a very large mixing bowl. $3.50

I shredded and added three pounds of baby carrots. $3

I added two drained 26 ounce jars of Kosher dill pickles that I diced $4

I added two 2.25 ounces cans of drained sliced black olives. $3

I seasoned it generously with celery salt, Italian spices, paprika, oregano, and red cayenne pepper. $1

I added eight ounces of Grey Poupon whole grain Dijon mustard $3.50

I added 26 ounces of Hellmann's mayonnaise $4.50

I added a cup and a half of white vinegar. $.25

I mixed it all together with my clean hands.

I refrigerated in large Rubbermaid containers in the refrigerator

Makes about eleven pounds of coleslaw

About $22.75 or $2.07 a pound give or take today's market prices