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Christmas 2005


Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,


I have been keeping busy once again this past year with personal computers and working on the internet.  My web log on my web site reflects all of my activity.  Greenwich once again has returned once again to the more quiet time of year.  I was able to get away three times this past year.  I went down to Vero Beach, Florida to visit relatives last winter and spring.  I also visited Kennebunkport, Maine in June while the President was there.  My relatives’ homes in Vero Beach, Florida have survived the hurricane season this past year, and they have resettled back into their winter homes.   I have not been spending as much time exercise walking downtown as I once use to, since I have been keeping busy at home with the computers, internet, and household maintenance.  Of course I do occasionally make it downtown for an enjoyable walk on Greenwich Avenue.  I only drove my 1995 Volvo station wagon about three thousand miles this past year, so I have been staying local in the area, and I have not been traveling much to our neighboring towns.  I find it is easier and cheaper to order items off the internet, and I save on fuel costs.  With the warmer summer this past summer, I spent more time at home by the air conditioner instead of being out in the very hot summer weather.  I also have not been going to the Greenwich Library as much, since I seem to be getting more work done staying at home.  I have five computers setup in my apartment including a new one I built this past summer.  I also have unlimited long distance telephone service in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, so I am able to network more with family and friends.  Thus my apartment is better organized, and since I do not watch too much television, I can always figure out ways to keep busy.  I continue to go the Greenwich Hospital Thrift shop looking for bargains.  The new Greenwich Hospital Watson pavilion is now completed, so we have more advanced medical facilities within out community.  Since I am not people watching as much downtown as I use to, I am not seeing many of the visitors that this town always seems to draw particularly on warmer days.  My family is doing well, and we stay constantly in touch.  Since I am spending more time reading the news and other information on the internet, I am better informed about world events, and I followed the tropical storm activity this past season with keen interest.  Of course living up north, I have spent time getting ready for a colder winter which is just beginning here.  As I tell many of my friends and family down south, it is a much longer winter here and a relatively short summer.  Of course, when one spends more time inside, one has more time to read and pursue other creative activities inside.  I am beta testing Microsoft’s new Vista operating system.  Well once again I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.

Michael Louis Scott