Michael Louis Scott

71 Vinci Drive, Apt. 206

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-2902




Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,

        This past year was spent in my normal routines of working on personal computers and the internet.  I am maintaining a dozen computers in my small apartment office.  I came down with foot fungus in the end of January 2011, and I did not walk regularly downtown from the first of May 2011 until the end of August 2011.  However, with the extra time spent in the apartment, I got more work done.  I have been walking more now that the foot fungus is mostly gone.  I still weigh 220 pounds, so I am constantly trying to lose weight by walking.  I did not visit Kennebunkport, Maine this past summer, so I would not infect the family house with foot fungus.  My family is all doing well, and I stay in constant touch with them.  I installed two Sony Media devices on my televisions in the living room and bedroom, so I can watch streaming media movies and other video content from the internet.  Greenwich, Connecticut seemed busy this past summer, but with the higher prices of fuel, it is not very busy in the evening hours, when I frequently go out for a walk.  I had friends and family visit a few time this past year.  I still see a lot of people from around the world downtown.  I only drove 1237 miles this past year, so my 1998 Audi A6 with 69,600 miles is running just fine.  I am hoping for a milder winter this coming winter, and so far it has been quite nice here.  With all of the political news on television, I use the internet to see what else is happening around the world.  I only made it out to the beach a couple of times this past summer.  I have not been using the Greenwich Library as much, since I have been working more at home.  I continue to enjoy good health.

                       Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,

                                      Michael Scott