Michael Louis Scott

71 Vinci Drive,  Apt. 206

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-2902  U.S.A.





Merry Christmas 2012 and Happy New Years,

         This past year, I have kept busy with personal computers and my regular internet activity.  We had a mild winter in 2012, and I hoping for another mild winter in 2013.  I still continue my regular activities in Greenwich by exercise walking downtown on Greenwich Avenue, when I have the time.  Greenwich Avenue is always enjoyable for people watching, although it is a bit expensive anymore.  I chat with relatives and friends regularly.  I have not made it to the Greenwich Library as frequently as I used to, because I have been busier.  I also do not drive down by the waterfront because of the higher prices of gasoline.  I drove less than 3,000 miles this past year which included two trips to Kennebunkport, Maine to visit with family in June and September.  I enjoyed being up in Kennebunkport with its majestic ocean views.  My relatives are all doing just fine. 

         I continue to test personal computer operating systems, and I bought two copies of Windows 8 Professional when it was released.  My home computer network is running just fine.  During Hurricane Sandy, my building was only without electricity for 18 hours, so we were fortunate.  We did have a few problems getting gasoline for a couple of weeks after it.  I had relatives show up on my birthday and this summer and fall to take me out to lunch, so it was enjoyable to see them locally, although I frequently feel like a pit stop for those traveling to and from Kennebunkport, Maine.  I worked on the internet a great deal this summer, so I did not make it out as much on the very hot days, as I have in the past.  Now that it is cooler, I am going out more frequently.  With gasoline close to $5 a gallon, I have restricted my local driving within reason.  Still I do make regular appearances in our local grocery stores.  I currently weight 228 pounds, and I would like to lose 30 to 40 pounds, but that might be wishful thinking.  I am enjoying good health, and I hope to quit smoking cigarettes sometime soon this coming year.  Although I do not venture into Manhattan anymore, I see plenty of people from the City out here in Greenwich.  I also am frequently on a night schedule, but I have not been walking downtown anymore late at night.  I shop our local CVS store for some of the simple items that I need.  Of course I can always order off the internet.  I have been watching British dramas off Netflix, when I have the time.  The local people seem to have embraced the internet in our community.

                                  Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,

                                           Michael Louis Scott