Michael Louis Scott

71 Vinci Drive, Apt. 206

Greenwich, Connecticut 06830-2902


Email: mikescot@optonline.net



Merry Christmas 2013 and Happy New Years 2014,

I got a 2005 Volvo XC70 blue wagon for Christmas this year, so I am prepared for colder weather.  This past year I have spent a great deal of my time on the internet again and maintaining my home office.  I still walk Greenwich Avenue when I have time.  My family is doing well, and I now have two new great nephews.  I stay in touch with senior family members on a daily basis.  My extended network of friends seems to be busier in their senior years.  I visited with family for two weeks in Kennebunkport in June 2013 and two weeks again in September 2013.  I enjoyed getting away for the summer breaks, and I got to see a bit of New England in my travel.  I tend to relax when in Kennebunkport, Maine to get away from my busier routine in Greenwich.  I am still keeping a close eye to the tech world on the internet, but I have not felt the need to invest in any new computer equipment, since my 13 existing computers are running just fine.  I did install two new LED televisions in the apartment.  I am still frequently on a night schedule, so I am not always aware of the local daytime activity.  To save time I have not been making it to the local library as much.  I still weigh 235 pounds, so I hope some time to lose a bit of weight.  Of course my frequent trips to the grocery store are my downfall.  Because of the higher price of fuel, I did not visit the local beach this past summer.  I have been back in Greenwich for 30 years, and I have lived in my current apartment for 25 years, so I am well settled into the community.  I enjoy following the frequent travels of my family around the world, and we get quite a lot of visitors coming our way out in Greenwich.  Alas I do not have the language skill to communicate with them.  There have been a lot of major improvements on Greenwich Avenue, and many of them are still under way.  I do not drive in back country anymore, but the Byram section of Greenwich is not too busy either.  I first moved to this area 51 years ago, so I am quite familiar with the area, although some of the newer people seem to think I am a first generation immigrant.  According to DNA tests, my branch of the Scott family came from Scotland in 1724 and first settled in Pennsylvania and spread out across the country.  However, since I am half Dutch American, I still try to network with the local Dutch.  Since I am spending more time at home, I have been trying to improve my local living environment.  I am familiar with a number of other local walkers, so we network when we happen to see each other.  I have been watching a lot of British media off Netflix.  I do follow the New York business community on television, when I eat breakfast.  I have one relative and a few friends still in Manhattan.  Happy Holidays,

Michael Louis Scott