Michael Louis Scott

71 Vinci Drive, Apt. 206

Greenwich, Ct. 06830-2902 U.S.A.

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Merry Christmas 2016 and Happy New Years 2017,

        This past year, I have maintained my usual internet activity in my home computer laboratory.  With all of the interest in the Apple product with the Apple store on Greenwich Avenue, I bought two used Apple Ipads and two used Apple laptops to familiarize myself with the Apple systems.  I also have an older Apple phone.  This is in addition to the 20 or more Windows computers that I have.  The Ipad is useful for reading the electronic magazines from the Greenwich Library.    I did visit with family in Kennebunkport for 10 days in June and five weeks in August and September, so I had an enjoyable time getting away from the Greenwich environment.  I had problems with my right leg in November, so I am now doing physical therapy twice a week to improve it.  I am still walking Greenwich Avenue on sunny days.  Having walked Greenwich Avenue for 33 years, since I returned from Nantucket, I guess I am a familiar face in town, but I notice at 255 pounds, people tend to avoid me.  I have tried to lose weight to no avail.  I quit smoking cigarettes in August 2015, and I have not had one since then.  I am still using the nicotine patches though.  With the vastness of the internet, my out of date web sites donít have much traffic, but having worked with personal computers since September 1989, I stick with it.  I spend a lot of time looking for bargains on the internet, but with the weaker U.S. dollar, they are few and far between.  My family is doing fine in their other locations around the country.  I have gotten used to the long cold winters spending more time inside.  Actually I have a harder time adjusting to the hot weather in the summer.  My 2005 Volvo XC 70 wagon has about 115,000 miles on it, and it is running just fine, although I hardly ever go anywhere anymore except downtown and to the grocery store.  I communicate with family and friends regularly.  I donít watch much of the national news on television, since I have the internet news off of my computers.  Greenwich seems slower recently and it has not been very busy downtown anymore.  I passed my other medical appointments last spring.  I am still watching Netflix and Acorn TV for entertainment, so although I pay for cable television, I donít watch much of it.  I have not visited Manhattan in over nine years, and I do not feel the need to travel in that direction.  I do make small talk with some of the regulars around town.  I do not see as many visitors as I once saw downtown.  Greenwich Avenue keeps improving itself becoming more upscale.  I enjoy people watching sitting in front of the senior and the arts center.  I only visit the Greenwich Library about once a month anymore, since I have my home office setup.  I visit Old Greenwich about twice a year for a haircut which includes a visit to the beach.  I tour the CVS store regularly on Greenwich Avenue looking for bargains as well as the regular grocery shopping at the Stop and Shop and Acme.                                                       Cheers,

Michael Louis Scott