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Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to All,

I have kept busy this past year working with my home computer operation and doing some minor improvements to my small apartment.  The year seems to have flown by quickly.  I have not gotten to travel, but I keep busy locally.  I still spend a lot of time downtown on Greenwich Avenue watching the comings and goings of our small town.  I have found Amazon useful for small home improvements.  I have invested in some used Apple computer equipment to learn more about Apple computers, but I still spend most of my time using Microsoft Windows 10.  I only walk the lower Greenwich Avenue area anymore.  I also find sitting in the park across from CVS is out of the elements of our diverse weather.  My family all seems to be doing well, and I try to stay in touch with them.  I try to stay locally in my area, and I do not drive too far anymore to avoid the traffic in our area.  It has once again gotten colder, but I am prepared for the colder weather.  I guess after 27 years of personal computers and the internet, I have modest expertise that I try to make the most out of.  The downtown area seems less busy, but we still have large numbers of the traveling public moving through this area.  I have the Apple Catalina operating system on several my Apple devices, but I have a feeling the younger generation are more familiar with the Apple works than I am.  I continue to stay neutral on politics as best I can, since we seem to have a large foreign population in this area that are working on other matters.  My health remains fine, but at 210 pounds, I keep trying to lose 20 or more pounds.  Although I have lots of television media to watch off Cable TV and the Internet, I do not watch too much of, but I keep busy with the computer activities and work around the apartment.  I feel a lot of the media is meant for the younger generation, and I enjoy seeing what is happening locally as best as I can get around in my small circle of activity.  I am still frequently on an all night and early morning schedule, but I do not move around too much in bad weather.  I spend a lot of time chatting informally with visitors to our small community, but I feel a lot of people are now computer savvy, so I do not need to chat about them much anymore.  I have no plans to move away or retire to warmer climates, so I enjoy seeing the four seasons coming and going as the years roll by.  I do not spend much time around the waterfront anymore.  My 2005 Volvo XC 70 with 120,000 miles is running just fine, since I do not drive too much.  I use it mostly for the seven-mile round trip downtown and back.  I have four working older cell phones, but I never give out their numbers, because I only use them for a few outgoing telephone calls, when I am downtown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

     Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,

     Michael Louis Scott